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Last Updated: May 22nd, 2019.

Your time has come at last and you are thinking on what will be your next big haircut. According to the recent haircut rankings, the Feed in braid Styles cut definitely tops your chart. Considered to be among the most life changing haircuts, there are several things you will have to think about before the stylist start cutting of your hair.

For sure, going for the Feed in braids Style haircut can at times be so dramatic that there are people who might consider questioning what they are doing while sitting in the stylist chair. Should you proceed to have the cut?

You need not to worry of such questions. In case you are concerned on whether or not this haircut is popular, this Feed in braid Styles the best for you. In this article, we will be providing you with important things you need to know before you go for this Feed in braid hair styles. Listed below are some of the important things you will ask your stylist at the salon and how to take care of and style you’re feed in braiding Styles.

Four Essential Things You Need to Remember before Getting a Feed in braid Styles

When you have decided to take off all your hair, you will need to make sure that you get it right. Here are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind.

1.    Always Start Long

Being nervous when making drastic haircuts is very normal. One way of picking the right Feed in braid Styles haircut is to ensure you start with the longer side since you can always snip it shorter in order for it to fit onto your preferences. When you decide to have a very short hair cut, you will always gets stranded trying to grow out your look in the next coming weeks.

2.    Speaking Of Growing

Feed in braids Style bob hair cut will always start growing much faster than you always think. This means that when you want to change it, it will never take you too much patience. It also means that in order to maintain your appearance, it is important that you schedule frequent appointment in order to get trims after a few weeks.

3.    Styling the Hair will take some time in getting used to it

Are you only familiar with the styling long looks? Then it might be bits difficult for you to get the styling hang of a Feed in braid Styles. All you need to do is be a bit patient and stock your vanity using the styling hair cream.

4.    Both Washing and Drying will be much easier than ever

Styling, washing and drying the long hair can at times be a very tiresome process. However, this is never the case with the short haircuts like in Feed in braids Style. Ensure that you prepare to help you save time when carrying out your hair care routine.

The face will appear to be more center and front.  Whenever you do not have the longer tresses to hide behind, all the attention will be redirected onto your face.

Things You Should Know About Feed in braid Styles haircut coloring

Do you have your heart in getting Feed in braids Style bob hair cut or have you already gotten one?  If yes, you definitely have an idea on what you will ask your stylist and how you will style it.

So, what about the color of your hair? In case you have taken a peek on your feeds in social media, then you are definitely well aware of how popular the platinum blonde hairstyles plus Feed in braid Styles are.

Right from the runway to every day, the bright and sheared off haircuts are the final accessory to your best style. Are you interested in rocking the ultra modern and beautiful hair color together with your Feed in braids Style haircut? Here are five important steps you need to consider before you decide to go platinum blonde with this haircut.

1. Set up Color Consultation

Icy platinum feed in braids

Although platinum might appear like one easy color choice, there are a number of different variations to the shade. From the icy platinum and ashy platinum to the baby platinum and the pearl zed platinum, there are a number of slight hue shifts that you will need to consider. Your colorist will be the right individual to help in answering all the questions.

2. Be Ready to Wait for the Process

platinum blonde shade for feed in braids

It is a huge undertaking to go platinum. This means that it is best if it is handled by a professional. You should never try to color your hair platinum while at home since it does require some heavy bleaching on your hair.

The darker your start color, the longer it will take you to get to the platinum blonde shade.

In case you are a brunette, you will be talking about several sessions of sitting in your salon chair before you get to your desired blonde level.

3. Ensure you Cut Before you Color

Feeding Cornrows Braid styles for women

There is no point when it comes to coloring your hair only to lip it off at the last minute. It does make sense if you are interesting in having a Feed in braids Style hair cut before you color it.

4. Ensure the Products you Use are Color Safe

products to use for feed in braids

After achieving your platinum, you will at one point be interested in making a few changes to your hair routine. One thing about the platinum is that it does require high level of maintenance. You need to go for products which have been formulated for color treated hair.

5. Ensure you Add Hair Mask to your Hair Care Routine

Taking care of your platinum hue does not just stop with the conditioner and the shampoo. Consider using the L’Oreal Paris shade reviving treatment which is meant for refreshing the hair mask for colored hair.

This mask will help in neutralizing any unwanted nourish over processed hair and unwanted brassiness.

Gorgeous feed in braid styles

After using the above shampoo, you can now consider applying the hair mask to the wet hair and give it time around 3-5 minutes before you rinse.

With that, you will now be ready to get the Feed in braids Styles.

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