Stunning Emo Hairstyles Ideas for Girls 2021

Emo fashion has gained rampant popularity in both sexes. There is a great versatility in emo’s definition. Although there are some generalized rules for emo hairstyles and haircuts, but ultimately it depends upon you how far you want to take your emo looks.

Teasing, razor trimming, dyeing and straightening are some aspects of emo hairstyles and haircuts.

These hairstyles provide you with endless possibilities, yet the crux of an emo cut are chunky layers and blunt-cut or side swept bangs that come down to your eyebrows and cover an eye.

If there is a little emo present inside you, then the following steps will guide you to achieve your ultimate emo look.

Emo Hairstyles and Haircuts

Styling Ideas for Emo Haircuts

Working with your emo hair can be fun. Here are some easy tips for you to style your emo hair into the perfect look you want.

Razor Trim Emo Haircut

Razored and trimmed edges are characteristic of emo hairstyles and haircuts. Therefore ask your hairstylist to use a razor comb so that you can end up with super straight and sharp edges.

Moreover it’s good to get a trim after every 6 to 8 weeks, so that your haircut looks sharp and fresh.

Razor Trim Emo Haircut

Emo Thick Hairstyle

This happens to be a very significant trait of emo haircuts. If you are looking for a conventional hairstyle then make sure that your hair are teased or thick at the top and thin at the bottom.

Emo Thick Hairstyle

Dying Emo Hairstyle

Emo hairstyles and haircuts generally feature hair that is dyed black or bleached blond with neon streaks running throughout your hair. So if you really want to live up to the emo spirit, then go ahead and get your hair dyed.

Dying Emo Hairstyle

Top Backcombing Style for Emo Haircut

It has already been established above that emo haircuts and hairstyles comprise of thick or teased hair at the top and thin hair at the bottom.

This is particularly true of emo hairstyles for girls. To achieve this look grab a top-lying section of hair, apply hair spray and use a rat tail or fine-toothed comb to back comb the hair.

Carry out this process in sections. Back comb one section as much as necessary, and then move on to the next section. Moreover you can also make use of a root volumizer to add volume to the top hair.

Top Backcombing Style for Emo Haircut

Emo Straight Hairstyle with Bangs

While the top is teased up or messed up, a standard emo hairstyle has ends which are sleek and straight. To straighten your hair, use a flat iron. To prevent your hair from any excessive damage, use a heat resistant serum or spray prior to straightening.

Emo Straight Hairstyle with Bangs

If you want to have an emo hairstyle, yet are reluctant of cutting your hair off, then here is the trick to achieve this emo look. As emo haircuts are all about volume, so brush your hair back and spray with a volumizer.

You ought to have bangs to pull off this look. Cut and style your bangs in diagonal, so that they cover one eye.The hair at your sides ought to be swept towards your face.

Boys can enhance this emo look further by spiking the back hair with a gel or wax.

Afterwards you can brush this hair to a side. Spiked hair at the back gives an edge to your emo hairstyle. And of course, streaks of neon running through your hair make it all the more emo-ish.

If you don’t feel like dying your hair, you could make use of colored hairsprays as well. Thus even though emo hairstyles and emo haircuts look complex and edgy, yet if you know what to do, achieving this look can be a matter of minutes.

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