14 Easy Updos for Long Hair to Copy in 2020

Having long hairs is one of the oldest traits of human evolution. It makes you feel healthier, as suggested by psychological research from 2004, and it also lets you flaunt your looks. But, taking care of long hairs could be the most challenging task. In order to take care of long hairs comfortably, there are certain updos for long hair.

Different cultures use different bun styles for long hairs that make them feel comfortable and at the same time enhance their appearance. In this section, we are going to talk about the most efficient updos for long hair looks, gathered from all around the world.

Elegant Twisted Bun

Twisted Bun Styles for women with long hair

The multi-purpose elegant twisted bun is both formal and function updo. If you have a function to attend after an office event, this could work smoothly. Once you learn how to form twists, you would not need any assistance to shape your hairs.

Korean Bun Updo

Korean Bun Updo Style for Long Hair

This gorgeous bun updo can perfectly fit any facial shape. The Korean bun updo can be formed easily after a braiding followed by five or six stitches. But, make sure that you braid your hairs with french braiding. Once you are done tying them up together, you will get a fantastic Korean bun updo.

Messy Updo

Messy Updos for Long Hair Women

This European style updo looks are best suited for people who prefer looking messy yet attractive. If you want to flaunt your assets such as jewelry or piercing, this could suit you the best.

People might think that you have not put enough effort to get your hairs organized, but that is your plan in the first place.

Double French Braid

Double French Braided Updos for long hair

If you are tall and have a long face, the double french braid might be the one that you should try. You could use this updo to your formal meetings, gym or you could take this outside during social gatherings.

It will easily make you look one of the cutest faces in the crowd. While french braid is common in most processes, you will need to form a ponytail with the help of hair elastic.

Twisted Braids Bun

Twisted Braids Bun for long hair looks

This one is a little complicated to make but once done, it might be the best one you have tried yet. With hairs long enough, the twisted braid would open up an ocean of possibilities that you can try on with this style.

Besides, the complications that you may experience in the first try will soon walk away once you have tried it a few times.

Braided Bun Updo

Braided Bun Updos for Long Hair Looks

The braided bun updo is especially for the people with an average oval shaped face. Make sure to use some thick blunt bangs to make it suit your face beautifully.

You should consider it as an option if you are an average height person with a relatively small face. You will certainly attract attention in the crowd.

French Twist Updo

French Twist Updo Hairstyles for long hair

This all-round french twist updo will literally suit any face, be it round, long or oval face. This updo is wrapped to carry elegance and your hairs intact in a fashionable manner.

All you would need are elastic bands and hairpins to wrap your hairs intact. You will give yourself an amazing look with this hairdo.

Triple Twisted Ringlet Bun

Triple Twisted Bun hairstyles

The triply twisted ringlet bun is a bit tricky to form in the first attempt. But, once you learn how to twist ringlet, you will adore this updo more than all you might have tried.

This updo is specifically for the formal parties, wedding, and other social gatherings. So if you are planning to attend one of those, consider trying this, and you will attract everyone’s attention.

Vertical Low Bun

Vertical Low Bun & Updos for long hair

Vertical low bun updo is specifically for women with a long face. This updo is meant for traditional functions or festive gatherings. The braid wrapping is simple and time efficient. Depending on their height and facial shape, this bun suits well on women of all ages.

Daisy Braid Updo

Daisy Braided Bun Hairstyles ideas

The compact braid prevents your face from loosened hairs striking your face. This classy, elegant braid design can be the one that you would want to consider for your next trip with friends.

This updo will enhance your braid even more if you prefer to use some fresh white flower around your head, just like women from south-east Asians prefer.

The Beehive Bun

Beehive Updos for Long Hair Styles

A little traditional and can also be considered as a little old school fashion. But, the same old-fashioned look can do the miracle in parties. You can also use this hairstyle to wedding functions.

The perfect front and back design of hair will certain do charm at any place you go unless it is a casual hangout.

Pinned Back Curly Updo

Pinned Back Curly Updo hairstyles trends

A perfect combination of straight and curly hairs will make this hairstyle look even sexier on you. It can work on any facial shape. This beautiful hairstyle is definitely one of the most efficient designs which make braiding seem effortless, and at the same time, it gives you an attractive look.

Back Braided Bun

Back Braided Bun Hairstyles for Women

The process might appear a little unattractive, but once the braiding is done, the bun will make your hair look entirely different.

It is a very easy process, and it does not require any accessories except two pins and elastic bands. All you need to do is to divide your hairs into two sections, braid each section to the top and simply pin it once you reach the top of the head.

Chic Brunette Bun

Brunette and Bun; sounds like they are meant to be together? Yeah, a perfect combination to wear nowadays. But seriously, this hairstyle can be a wonderful choice for a wedding, especially if you are a brunette.

Brunette Bun for Long Hair cuts

These are some of the best updos that we have selected for long hairs. I suggest you should try them all gradually and see which ones look best on you.

These are specifically chosen updo for long hair. So feel free to experiment with them and if possible, improvise to shape it the way you like it.

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