Best Easy To Do Hairstyles Ideas for Versatile Look

Looking glamorous is no longer limited to celebrities. With the increasing exposure to media, looking up to date has become an everyday routine. People have become increasingly conscious about how they look. Even though we all are constantly pressed for time, looking our best is seldom compromised. Having a good hairstyle definitely adds up to an attractive personality.

For working women who have to look good and presentable managing hair can be a big hassle. There are many easy to do hairstyles and skin tricks to make one look extremely chic in a few steps.

A few easy to do hair hacks will follow in this article to make your everyday hairstyles manageable and stylish. Some of the most stylish and easy to do hair styles are enlisted and explained as follows:

Trendy Messy Bun Hairstyle

Messy bun hairstyles with bangs

Cool messy bun hairstyles for girls

Easy messy bun hairstylesImage

Most of us often put our alarms on snooze and allow ourselves the special “short nap” on most weekdays. Waking up to little or no time to do our hair nicely is a common calamity.

This trendy messy bun can be your ultimate life saver. It is extremely easy to make. All you need is your everyday wear band and a few bobby pins to keep it set day long.

If your hair are shoulder length or below, this quick style is your safe haven.

Just twist your hair with your hand and make then in a bun and secure with your pins and band. It will l iterally take you under a minute to make this super stylish bun.

The best thing about this style is that it compliments about every outfit you wear. You can either part your hair from the front or simply wear a hairband for a neat look. Choose whichever suits your face cut best.

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Voluminous High Ponytail

Voluminous Easy High Ponytail HairstylesSource

Easy Voluminous High Ponytail HairstylesSource

Ponies have never gone out of fashion. They are an instant help to give your hair a neat and well kempt look. However the new sensation remains to be the mega volume high pony. It is in fact two ponies over lapping each other.

This easy to do hairstyles hardly takes a minute to make. All you need are two elastic bands. Part your hair horizontally. Put the lower segment of your hair in the pony first and then the upper segment. This overlap gives an illusion of thick and healthy hair.

It instantly brightens up the whole look. You can also add a bit of quick back combing if you want the volume to really stand out. Carry this sophisticated look and ooze charm where ever you go. It’s a perfect hairstyle for meetings and presentations.

Cute Twisty Haircut Style

Easy Rope Braids Twisted HairstylesSource

Easy Twisted Hairstyles for womenSource

Another easy to do hairstyle are the twisties. This hardly takes any time at all. All you need to do is make a section of your hair.

Twist them with your hand and secure them with a pin. You can either leave your hair open at the back or put them in a nice pig tail. This little twisty trick gives a fresh and young feel at first sight.

A lot of embellishments in form pins are available in the market to secure and decorate your twisties. This hairstyle can also be made for young school going girls.

When mothers run out of time, they can always rely on these easy to do hairstyles to perfectly dress their little girls for school.

Let Them Loose

Easy Loose Hairstyles with Handbands

If you are blessed with frizz free hair, just embrace their beauty and let them loose. There are literally tens of ways in which the hair can be left loose at the back and styled from the front. The easiest being wearing a band at the front and making a little puff at your crown.

This typical school girl style is trending these days. It takes all your hair away from your face and gives a very neat and clean look.

Parting your front bangs or back combing your front hair works equally well. Letting your hair loose is always glamorous and adds a little pizazz to your whole look.

 Half Tie Ponytail Style

Half Tie Ponytail Hairstyles for WomenSource

Easy Soft Half Up Ponytail HairstylesSource

If you are looking for a safe look, in less time than half tie pony is what you are looking for. This look hardly ever goes wrong.

It is an instant hairstyle which gives a very classy and a neat look to your hair. It is manageable as the hair at the front are secured with a band and won’t be disturbing your face.

You can make a reverse french pony if you don’t want a plain ponytail at the back. You can also twist your front hair or tie them in a knot to make your half tie look more chic.

Play with your hair and try out new styles. You will be amazed at the looks you can create with your hair and re discover yourself. The best part is, that it doesn’t take long to make these styles. With these easy to do hairstyles you will be done with a new style in even less than a minute.

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