Easy Half Up Hairstyles for Long Hair Women to Show Off

Easy half up hairstyles for long hair are always in demand due to their ease of styling and effortless appeal. Women all around the world looking for long hairstyles that are quick and easy to achieve, so that they do not have to spend too much time in the morning.

Half up hairstyles prove to be best since they can make you look glamorous within a few minutes. In order to be able to master the hairstyles, keep a few things in mind. Your hair styling products should be of optimal quality so that they can ensure the longevity of the hairstyles.

Easy Twisted Long Hair

Easy Twisted Half up Hairstyle for Long Hair

Twisted Half up Hairstyle for Long Hair

Easy Half up Twisted Hairstyle for Long Hair

Simple yet very pretty, twisted hair can look ultra-glamorous and is very easy to achieve. All that is required is to twist the hair in one direction and pin it back to the head. Bobby pins with good grip will help keep the twists secure in place all day.

Twist the front sections of the hair back from either one side or both depending on personal preference. Pin these twists back and spray with a flexible hold hairspray.

The end result will be very feminine, pretty and effortless. This hairstyle is also a great way of getting hair away from the face during the summer months.

Beehive Half Up Style

Beehive Half up Hairstyle for Long Hair

Beehive Half up Long Hairstyle

Easy Half up Beehive Hairstyle for Long Hair

Another great hairstyle of the many easy half up hairstyles for long hair is the beehive look. This look requires back combing the crown of the head. Start with straight hair and back comb the crown area whilst spraying with a good hold hairspray.

Once you have created the height that you desire, pin this back-combing in place with the help of bobby pins. Leave the rest of the hair open and curl or straighten according to personal preference. Voila, you have a great pin up hairstyle that can make you party ready in minutes!

Quiff Half-up Hairstyle

Half-up Long Quiff Hairstyle Ideas

Long Half Up Straight Quiff Hairstyle

Quiff Half-up Long Hairstyle

The quiff hairstyle look has been around for quite some time now. Known to provide an instant touch of class, this look always makes it to the red carpet.

These make great easy half up hairstyles for long hair. All you need to do is take the front section of your hair or bangs and back comb it a little. Once you have the back combing, spray with a flexible hold hairspray and using your fingers pin back at the top of the head.

Leave the rest of the hair open and you have an excellent hairstyle that will add an instant attitude to any look. Easy half up hairstyles for long hair depend on one’s creativity. They can be styled within seconds since half of the hair is left down.

You are mainly just focusing on the top half of the hair that is either pinned back or can be put into a ponytail. These hairstyles look polished and ultra-feminine. Though they work for any season, they look excellent during the summer months since the hair is neatly pinned in place away from the face.

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