Cute Easy Braid Hairstyles: How To Braid Hair

Last Updated: May 22nd, 2019.

Braid hairstyles are best if you’ve tired of having some old and time consuming haircuts. Easy braids always bring the best look for you as compared to the other styles. If you need updated and modern braids to wear than you’re really at the right place. We assure, you’ll never look back after wearing these best and easy braid hairstyles.

These are also suitable for every special occasion. Make you look prepared just in few minutes because you don’t require any special art to create these types of braids.

Easy braids are also best because there are so many of us who don’t have too much time to spend on hair because of their busy schedule. So, that’s why we decided to show off you some cutest and easy braid hairstyles that you can achieve just in few moments. Anyone can create these beautiful braids to get new and fresh look.

No doubt it is best for both formal and casual occasions. Although there are some kinds of braid hairstyles which are a little bit tricky to create but we’ve tried our best to bring out here easy types of braids that can be sport by every simple female.

So we’ve listed below a few simple but trendiest easy braid hairstyles for stylish women.

Sleek Side Braid Updo

Are you looking for neat and clean haircuts to wear nowadays? If yes than you’ll definitely go for sleek side updo hairstyle. This is amazing choice of hairstyle both for special and formal occasions. It is not difficult to create; you can easily make it for you just with your basic braiding hair skills.

Just start your hair from center part and make braiding style form fringe to end of your hair line. Make a side bun and in the form of your twisted braid hair.

This technique is just for one side of your head. Do like same on the other side to create this gorgeous side braid updo hairstyle. You may also use hairspray to make keep the stay in one place.

Sleek side braid updo hairstyles      

Easy Fishtail Braid Style

Fishtail braid hairstyle is also one of those haircuts which are much popular in hair-styling industry. It is also unique but detailed hairstyle for women to wear for different occasions and celebrations.

Although by its appearance it looks some difficult to create but actually it is very easy to sport for every woman. To create this style, you just need to make sure that your hairs are free from twists and every type of complications.

First of all create your hair in two sections and protect them carefully. Just take one side’s smaller section and secure it carefully to other side.

Similarly, do the same like on other side. But always make sure that it smaller than fist side. Repeat this process a few times to create this beautiful fishtail style haircut. At the end secure and tie it, you’re ready to go.

Easy fishtail braid hairstyles for long hair

Side Bangs Dutch Braid Haircut

This is one of the classical and vintage haircuts to worn by the most beautiful actresses in the world. Gorgeous celebrity “Amy Adams” used this unique braid hairstyle to make her look attractive.

Because of with three strand Dutch braids it requires very simple techniques to create this haircut. Start with braiding the small section if your fringes.

Continue it to the end of your hair line. Secondly, twist your back side’s remaining hair into delicate chignon. This is the final look of this haircut.

Dutch braid side bangs

Easy Basic Braid

Basic braid is classical and simple style that can be sport by every woman and girl to go for any both casual and formal events. This is also most popular braid haircuts because it is very easy to create and handle. As well as it is chic and effortless style.

To achieve this style you’ve to create three sections of your hair, use textured hairspray to get voluminous hair. Now take two outer sections and braid them with the central section by altering each other.

Repeat it till the end, now tie it with elastic. This is your ready look.

Easy and simple braid haircuts for girls

French Braid Style

Women who can create simple basic braid, they can also go to add some kind of twist in their braids.

It also requires the simple techniques like basic braid style but when you create the two outer sections over the middle section, then in every next step you’ve to add more hair in that section.

This is the basic different between French and simple braid hairstyles. Although, it is a bit difficult in start but with some practicing every woman can create it easily.

Easy french braid hairstyles ideas for

Three Strand Messy Side Braid

Every one of us wakes up like this braid’s look. This is of my favorite braid hairstyles ever. Because it is effortless, easy as well as gorgeous so ladies of every age group like this too much. See the beautiful “Drew Barrymore” how she look amazing by wearing this messy braid style.

You may also add a bit volume of curls if you want to add more charm and beauty in this style. Grab your hair in one side and start creating braids from the quarter of your hair lengths.

Use a curling iron, create outwards waves. After creating, pull your tresses out to add more volume and softness.

Three strand messy side braid

Easy waterfall Braid

Looking for easy and romantic braid hairstyle? Wear the amazing waterfall braid look like the above mentioned French braid style.

This hairstyle looks fabulous with the combination of ombre hair color. You may also create updos with this haircut to give more awesome look.

Create this style starting from the bangs area; continue it till your ear crossing through the crowning area. For perfection, tie the remaining hair in the form of bun. This is your ready waterfall braid’s look.

Easy waterfall braid hairstyles for long

Did you like our bets submitted easy braid hair ideas? Now its your turn, choose your favorite one braid style create it according to its actual shape.

Share your best thoughts with us regarding these braid haircuts, if you really get inspired or if you’ve any latest style of braids.

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