Adorable Easy Back to School Hairstyles for Girls

Last Updated: May 30th, 2019.

It is tough to know that every morning your alarm clock will rings, you will have to get out of the comfortable and cosy bed and put an outfit for at least 8 hours at school. However, with all of these morning struggles, you also find making a hairdo as an additional one.

To flip your interests and motivate you for every morning, we have created a list of easy back to school hairstyles that will not only demand much of your time but will also inspire your friends to copy your styles.

Take a look at easy back to school hair styles that are specifically different styles of braids.

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Twisted Fishtail Braid

Twisted Fishtail Braids for School GirlsImage

Take two thick strands of hair from each side and pin it at the back. Then, take two thick strands of hair again from each side and combine it with the previous pinned hair.

Next, make a fishtail braid by joining them together. Make sure to leave the rest hair loose open for a messy and cute look.

This is an easy back to school haircut which takes less than 5 minutes, you can also style it on your way to school as well.

The Side Braid Band

Side Braid Band for GirlsSource

A side braid band is another back to school easy hairstyle which gives a look of a hair band. However, instead, the band is made out of hair and styled in a braid.

Simply, brush your hair properly and make a thick braid starting from the front and pin it at the back. Next, keep the other side and back hair loose.

This one best back to school hairstyle literally takes less than 2 minutes.

Dutch Bun Braid


This easy and cute back to school hairstyle is similar to the side braid band. Just one change is made which is, the hair you leave loose is collected and styled into a bun. It is your choice if you want to the bun to be on the side, lower back or in the center.

Make sure to use a thick clear elastic band to secure it. So, sometimes you can make a bun and other times, you can leave it loose. The strands that come out will give a messy look, so try not to change that.

The Dutch Braid Ponytail

Dutch Braid Ponytails for GirlsSource

This is another creative easy back to school haircut in which you make a thick braid from the front and secure it with an elastic band temporarily.

Next, you make a ponytail, take off the elastic band and wrap it around the pony-tail. Make sure you secure the pony-tail with an elastic band first to avoid the messy look. You can also leave bands open if you have layered hair.

These are the four most beautiful easy back to school hairstyles, specifically braided that are trendy and inspiring. Spring is about to end and these hairstyle are transitioning to summer school.

Be the first one to pull them together and show off our latest easy back to school hairstyles.

It will be more fun when you will get to teach other girls and your friends about these fresh back to school hairstyles that literally take less than minutes.

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