Cute Hairstyles for Black Girls to Show Off in 2020

We all love to dress up. We buy our favorite outfits to look great at all the special occasions of our life. Be it prom, graduation, birthday, wedding or anything like that. But when it comes to hair, we often get confused. Are you a beautiful black woman with all those wonderful features all black women possess?

Do you want some hairdos to try on your beautiful hair? Then we are here to help you out. Here are 12  cute hairstyles for black girls that you can look great with if you are a beautiful black girl.

Afro Cornrows

Afro Cornrows Hairstyles for Black Women

When it comes to adorable cute hairstyles for black girls for black women, nothing beats Afro Cornrows. Not only are they super cute, but you feel immense satisfaction when you have the end result in front of you after all the hard work you put into this style.

The cornrows look great with all types of hair be it curly, straight or anything you end up with a gorgeous look. This is a  traditional African American look which looks awesome on most girls. So go ahead make this one and you will look great.

French Braid

French Braids for Black Girls

A hairstyle which has been in fashion for decades yet provides a perfectly stylish look. it is something we cannot deny that French braids is one of the cute hairstyles for black girls for pretty black girls.

It provides an absolutely beautiful after the look and you can opt this hairstyle for every occasion. Be it an evening rock concert, or a casual day at college this is a style which will look perfect on you especially if you have straight hair.

Space Buns

Space Bun Hairstyles for black women

Sounds flashy, doesn’t it? Space buns are not only meant for discos. This can be your go-to hairstyle for any party or simply a cute style for graceful black ladies.

All you will need to do is make two pigtails and then coil them into two cute buns. In the end, the style looks really cute. It will also remind you of your elementary school days and guess what the style is not even as complicated as it looks!

Braided Bun

Braided Bun Style for Black Women

A hybrid of buns and braids combined, this can be your next go-to hairdo for your next party pretty girl. When looking at options for cut cute hairstyles for black girls for ravishing black women this one is a pretty good option to look at.

The style requires a little effort but makes you look super gorgeous when you are done. So pretty girl, rock your next party with this one!

Side Ponytail with Twists

Side ponytail with twists for black women

Ponytails are the go-to option for many of us. This is a ponytail with a twist. Also, this ponytail won’t be in the center of your head but will make you look adorable as it is at the side.

The twists add an absolutely cute look. This will look really good on black girls with long or medium length hair. Plus, you can even rock this one at formal events like your graduation and even prom.

Afro Puff with Headband

Afro Puff with a headbands

A fan of headbands? Many of us are! With a wide variety of headbands available, you can rock a lot of cute hairstyles for black girls like this one.

An Afro puff is one of the coolest hairdos of the year. Not only is the hairstyle one of the trendiest ones for beautiful black girls but it also looks super cute with a headband.

This hairstyle is going to take some of your time, but in the end your hair will look great. So if you are willing to spend some time on your hair for a cute look, go for this hairstyle for sure.

Box Braids for Black Girls

Box Braids for Black Women

A hairstyle which is the second most common hairdo among pretty African American black women after the Afrow cornrows.

Box braids provide a look which is perfect for a random day at college, or even for prom or freshers party.  You can style your box braids into a bun, Mohawk, or even into a further braid or ponytail.

Black Girls’ Half Ponytail

Half ponytails for Black Women

A decent hairdo which looks great on everyone but would look wonderful on all those beautiful black girls  A half ponytail is a hairstyle which has been in trend for a long time and can really help you rock all your cool outfits and all those evenings dresses too and believe it or not it does not matter that you have long hair or short.

In the end, this hairdo will provide you with a relaxed look and you will find it very comfortable.

Smooth & Simply Straight

Simply straight hairstyle for Black Women

A hairstyle you can easily get done with. Plus it looks very decent at all occasions, be it prom or fresher party or even a date with your loved one. It will make you look ravishing and look great with your attire.

A plus point is that you only need a straightener and in a few minutes you are done.

Short Curls for Black Girls

Short curls for black girls

Have short hair? Try short curls. It’s a hairdo which looks super cute on all the beautiful black girls. And yes we know that one might get irritated by those long curls, so this is truly a better option.

You can even pull this one off at parties and concerts and even for a cute casual and comfortable look for everyday wear.

Pompadour for Black Women

Pompadour style for Black Women

A traditional hairstyle which never fails to provide both the retro and modern look at the same time.

Adapted by many African American women as their go-to hairstyle, this is a style which will make you look really pretty at all your special occasions. It is not as difficult as it looks and yes that is something which might convince us to try the style out.

Sleek High Ponytail

sleek high ponytail hairstyle for black women

Yes, we saved our favorite for the end. We usually prefer the simplest of the styles when it comes to comfort and ponytails are the best ones for this purpose. So if you are a pretty black girl, this one is great for you!

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