Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles for Girls to Sport in 2019

Last Updated: October 27th, 2019.

Girls, do you have natural curly hair and struggling to decide which hairstyle you should wear at this year’s prom? Well, we know curly hair is a bit handful but don’t get disappointed as we are here to rescue you. Set celebrities with curly hair as an example and of they are able to maintain their hair, so can you too.

We have the best shortlisted curly hairstyles for girls that will leave struck everyone at prom along with complimentary tips on makeup and dresses. Let’s take a look!

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Messy Curly Top Knot

If you are wearing a backless dress or one with a style that you want to show off, try out a messy top knot as it is a gorgeous curly hairstyle for girls.

Simple make a bun, but this time on the top of your head. Secure it with a fancy band and sparkle some glitter for a princess look.

Take some hair strands out from the front to add a frame to your face cut. If your dress is light coloured, wear light makeup with an appealing dark lipstick. However, don’t wear too much jewellery, one decent pendant will make you the girl for the night!

Messy Top Knot Curly HairstyleImage

Half Lob Curly Hairstyle

Half lobs are just for women who have the sense to maintain it. This is a girls curly hairstyle that lets you walk like the ramp is yours but if you don’t know how to carry it, someone else can steal your ramp. Also, this is perfect if you have thin hair.

Collect all your hair and take it on either shoulder. Pin up the hair from the other side – you can make a stylish fish tail that ends up in that bunch of hair.

Make sure the pins don’t show, hide them within your hair. Wear heavy makeup but don’t wear accessories, it gives a graceful look.

Half up curly bob hairstyleSource

Voluminous Curly Updo

This is a voluminous folded updo that is, if you have a layered haircut. Simply make an up-do leaving all the hair coming out of it.

Next, you will have to take care of the strands. So, gradually pick those strands, fold and pin them up. Make sure you don’t pin them too tightly as it will ruin the style.

It is a curly haircut for girls that might take a bit of time but you have to be patient to look sexy. As per jewellery, wear long earrings and a bracelet with a dark lipstick.

Voluminous updo curly hairstyleImage

These are best curly hairstyles and haircuts for girls that you can try at prom this year. If you consider wearing an expensive dress and jewellery along with spending reasonable amount of time on doing makeup.

Why not making an effort for a hairstyle? Why would you want to look as usual at one of the most important fun nights?

Choose one hairstyle that best fits on your dress and hair, and start practicing so that you don’t mess up at the last minute.

Curly hairstyles are not easy to maintain, so it is essential that you use a product that will keep your hairstyle locked for four to five hours. Good luck!

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