Cool Hairstyles and Haircuts for Females to Show Off

Cool hairstyles for women are very high in demand. Gone are the days when women would walk out with simple hairstyles. With the current fashion trends around the world, there is an increased pressure to look fashionable.

Hairstyles like layers have always been dominating; however they do not seem to add an edge to ones personality. Women around the world are in need of cool hairstyles that can help them look edgy and hence stand out from the crowd.

Cool Emo Hairstyle

Short Emo Haircut for Girls

Cool Emo Hairstyle

Cool Emo Hairstyle for Girls

Long Emo Haircut

Long Cool Emo Hairstyle for Girls

An emo hairstyle is one of the most highly requested cool hairstyles for women. This type of hairstyle looks particularly great on longer length hair. The emo hairstyle is best suited for those that are willing to have a daring look.

This hairstyle can be achieved by having short layers cut at the crown of the hair. The short layers at the top create volume. The rest of the length is left untouched or could have longer layers. The addition of highlights to different sections of the hair can really add to the punk appeal.

In order to style emo hair, straighten all of the hair and then back-comb the crown area. Once the crown area is back-combed, set the hair with a flexible hold hairspray.

Asymmetrical Cool Hairstyle for Women

Asymmetrical Cool Hairstyle with Bangs

Cool Pixie Hairstyle

Asymmetrical Cool Pixie Hairstyle

Asymmetrical Cool Bob Hair

Asymmetrical Cool Bob Hairstyle

Medium Length Hairstyle

Asymmetrical Medium Length Hairstyle

Asymmetrical hairstyles can look too polished. In order to get a cool appeal, the hairstyles need to be asymmetrical. A bob can look smart but asymmetrical cool hairstyles for women in bob will take your hairstyle to another level.

For an asymmetrical bob, have longer layers at the front that can frame your face and keep one side of the hair shorter than the other side.

You can also style this hairstyle by creating a side part and pinning that area behind the ear. The other side of the hair can be blow-dried or straightened inwards. This look is very dramatic and is best suited for those who are comfortable with short hair.

Short Shag Haircut

Short Shag Haircut for Women

Shag Pixie Haircut

Short Shag Pixie Haircut for Women

Short Shag Haircut Style

New Short Shag Haircut Style

These are the cool hairstyles for women with short hair. Short hair does not have to be boring. In order to create some drama, have some razor cut layers in the hair. Keep these layers of variable length so that they can help add texture to the hair. The key behind getting these short hairstyles to look cool is the styling process.

Do not straighten the hair since that will give a polished look and the layers would blend in. The idea is to get the layers to show by styling them with hair pomade. That in return will make the hairstyle look laid back and will provide a sense of cool attitude.

Cool hairstyles for women can look extremely flattering provided that you are mentally ready to carry them. Be a bit daring and allow a cool hairstyle to enhance your personality.

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