How to Choose Right Hairstyles for Face Shape Nowadays

With the current trend on maximally natural-looking hair, you do not need to go to a salon each time you want a stylish hairstyle. You can do it yourself, regardless of your experience in this matter and hair-styling skills. The last fashion shows presented a whole lot of hairstyles which look like they were styled by a little girl… your daughter, your niece…

So, rest assured you will cope with the task. The only thing is to choose a flattering hairstyle.

So, how do you know what type of hairstyle is going to flatter you? If you know your face shape and how to bring out your most beautiful features, you won’t make a mistake. Here are some useful recommendations and great infographics to ease your choice of Right Hairstyles for your Face Shape.

Best Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

Today it’s more valuable to have your personal style than to duplicate blindly every new trend. Understanding how a hairstyle works for your face shape will help you to find the looks that are simply irresistible for you personally.

Oval Face

You are lucky because you can afford to be very different. Try a trendy back-swept pixie, then grow out your locks and rock a classy angular bob for a while; transit to a long length and experiment with updos. Don’t miss a chance to try every option!

Round Face

You will look good with almost any hairstyle that features an added height on top and face-framing. Wear loose updos with a bouffant and light side bangs, try pixies with elongated textured top and pieces in front of the ears, flaunt side-parted mid-length and long down dos.

Square Face

Wavy hairstyles below the jawline are your theme. These may include both loose updos and down-dos with long side bangs. Loose waves and curls (long beach waves, Boho waves, scrunched hair) soften a square face and add its femininity. The same effect can be achieved with a chin-length rounded bob or lob.

Long Face

Mid-length hairstyles with layers are the best for long faces. You may also try longer styles with voluminous curls or waves which do not drag your face down. Experiment with straight-across bangs. They will flatteringly widen your face.

Heart/Inverted Triangle Face

A-line silhouettes and medium lengths are the top picks for heart-shaped and triangular faces. They add body to the lower part of your face. Wear side bangs which cut the width of your forehead.

Diamond Face

Textured locks and soft flowing waves are awesome on diamonds. If you wear your hair straight in order not to make your cute diamond face appear too narrow, opt for styles that open it. Enjoy side hairstyles. They open one side of your face and expose your beautiful bone structure, without making your face appear extremely sharp.

Check the infographics below for more information and surprise yourself and everyone around with a new chic hairstyle!

What Hairstyle Suits Your Face Shape?……………………………………………..

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