Chic Short Wedding Hairstyles for Brides in 2021

There are definitely no two ways about this fact, that wedding is the most important day in one’s life. Especially for brides, who want everything on their big day to be perfect. Two of the most important decisions to make for any bride to be are the bridal dress and the hairstyle.

These two factors can either make or break the big day. The dress obviously is the main player in making any bride stand out, but a complementing hairdo is the real cherry on the cake.

The more fashion forward brides these days go for short hairstyles. This adds a little panache to the traditional look. The contrasting style of a long frilled dress and uber sexy short wedding hairstyles are the perfect way to doll up this season. Less is definitely more if you are looking for an elegant yet trendy look for your wedding to make heads turn.

Short Messy Bun for Wedding

Short Messy Bun Hair for WeddingSource

Short Messy Bun Updos for WeddingSource

Messy Updo Hairstyles for WeddingSource

This is a never-go-wrong style. Perfect for girls who wear short hair. It is a simple fusion of the traditional bun plus the fashionable short wedding hairstyle.

This look is very easy to carry and looks great with a beautiful veil or any other hair accessory. This is also the most common look brides with short hair prefer to have.

This is an ideal style if you are looking for safe experimenting. This look focuses on making the neck and cheek bones prominent. Coupled with a good makeover and finely contoured features this look will make you look nothing short of a super gorgeous bride.

This up do can lift the whole face structure while keeping the look very subtle and not too over the board. There are many variations of this messy bun. Often the stylists make the front braid or twisties. This give a more formal look to the otherwise simple messy bun.

A lot of stylists would advise to add small pearl like accessories to the front or bun to make this short wedding hairstyle compliment the dress and the whole bridal look.

Wedding Upward Waves Hair

Short Upward Waves Hair for WeddingSource

Old Upward Waves Hair for WeddingSource

If you are looking for something that is a sure bet to make you the talk of the town, this is definitely your look. This one is a complete smasher and by carrying this sophisticated and modern look you will go down as one of the classiest brides ever to walk down the aisle.

The only catch is that you need a very experienced stylist who can create magic with hair. This look is a definite hit. It will make you look out of this world beautiful. In fact not just beautiful, it will be nothing short of a piece of art.

The short hair is set in a manner that the locks or curls are set in an upward direction. This gives a much heightened look to the face and a very edgy look to the whole ensemble. It is simple, classy and a very trendy short wedding hairstyle.

Short Loose Wedding Hairstyle

Short Wedding Loose Curly HairstylesSource

Short Wedding Loose Hairstyles for WomenSource

Another style that can make you look gorgeous and elegant is simply letting your short hair loose. If you have curls, waves or straight hair, all you need to do is to embrace them as it is. Get your stylist to set them nicely and simple. He or she can guide you about how should the front look be.

For instance a side partition or a complete back combing. This short wedding hairstyle is the simplest yet very classy. This can complement any kind of wedding dress you choose and any kind of make-up you want.

Alternatively your stylist might suggest you to add a side pin or any other hair embellishment to lift up the whole look. They will also suggest you to carry a clean short wedding hairstyle or go for messier tresses according to you face cut, height and the dress.

Last Word

It is always good to make beautiful and amazing memories that last forever. Instead of opting for a boring traditional wedding look, get a little adventurous.

There are so many stylists that can do wonders with your short wedding hairstyle and make you a bride with an oomph factor.

You need to do your homework, as to what will suit your dress and face cut. Decide and discuss with your stylist and gear up to be envied by everyone.

You must have heard of the famous quote “when in Rome, do as the romans do”. When the trend is set this year for short and stylish hairstyles, you should definitely consider them.

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