Stunning Celebrity Short Hairstyles Trends in 2021

When it comes to a slick clean hairstyle, less is definitely more. A lot of the hottest celebrities have sported chic and spunky avatar with short hair. Most of these media personalities do no shy away from experimenting with their looks.

This act of reinventing themselves again and again keeps them fresh and connected to their fans.

Chopping the hair short is an instant guarantee to achieve an edgy look. It is easy to manage and very impactful on the first look. Let’s have a look at some of the classy celebrity short hairstyles.

Angled Bob Hairstyle

Celebrity sleek angled bob hairstylesSource

Celebrity short angled bob hairstylesSource

This is one sleek and sexy look carried by a lot of celebrities these days. It not only gives a fresh and youthful look but also creates a strong impact.

This is an easy to manage everyday appearance. You can easily carry this style to office as well. It also looks very decent and clean so you can be of any age and still sport this look to add a little class to your overall look.

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Little Boy Cut

Female celebrity short little boy haircuts

Lily collins short boy cutsSource

Charlize theron short boy haircutsSource

If you really want to reinvent your look then, this is the cut that you need to have. Ultra chic and sassy, this haircut is a head turner. Often celebrities choose this one inch long, little boy haircut at award functions with long and layered dresses.

The combination of these two contrasts gives a very classy look. Charlize Theron was recently spotted with this very modern look.

You can also follow this trend of celebrity short hairstyles to add a little style quotient to your normal routine.

Flat Short Bob Haircut

Celebrity flat short bob hairstylesSource

Nikki reed short bob hairstylesSource

This short hair look is guaranteed to suit almost everyone. If you have a prominent jawline and a long neck then this hairstyle will surely give you a glamorous look.

A lot of Hollywood celebrities have tried this look to catch their fans attention and applause. This is a safe style and less daring as other celebrity short hairstyles.

Nikki Reed of the twilight fame was recently seen sporting this very stylish look. This cut suits her very well and her features as she looks super glam.

Layered Bob Hair Style

Celebrities short layered bob haircutsSource

jennifer lawrence layered short bob haircutsSource

Transform yourself with this sultry and smart style. Although, It is short in length but what makes it look edgy are the layers. An instant glam up look, it is perfect for every occasion.

Currently the star who has been carrying this look around flawlessly is our very own sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence.

She looks amazing with this transformation from a sweet girl next door to a very desirable babe. Adding a bit of color and streak can definitely amp up the style game.

Jagged Edgy Bob Hairstyle

Julianne hough jagged bob hairstyles

An instant eye catcher, this style can change your boring look to a sizzling new avatar. This is edgy and a definite show stealer cut.

It is also one of the most favorite celebrity short hairstyles. It can alter a simple routine look to a total mind blowing out look. It is easy to manage and takes a very little or no time at all to set it up.

Just part the hair as u wish and you are all set to go. Julianne Hough transformed herself to an absolute stunner with this latest cut.

Short Cropped-Long Banged

Short cropped hair with layered-bangsSource

Elsa pataky short cropped hair with long bangsSource

Brace yourself for the ultimate look that will definitely make any one the talk of the town. This new fusion cut is an absolute work of art. This genius cut combines the short bob or boy cut with a long front bang. As intriguing as it may sound, it is very easy to carry around. It is bound to make anyone look simply smoking hot.

It makes the beautiful long front bangs give you a very sophisticated feminine look. While the contrasting short hair at the back, bring out the impactful, strong and adventurous personality with in.

The current Spanish super model Elsa Pataky is sporting this look these days and looking like a million bucks.

It is always fun to experiment with your hair be it the style, cut, color or length. These days short length is extremely in vogue. This is owing to the celebrity short hairstyles which are giving hair goals to almost women all over.

Chopping the hair short is definitely the trend of the season. You can add a little bit of pizazz by adding individuality to your hair cut.

Go for a different shade or streaks to go along with the cut. You can even mix two different cuts to form something unique and matches to create your own style statement.

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