Gorgeous Celebrity Hairstyles Over 50 Years Old

Looking for famous older celebrity hairstyles over 50? You can check it here the most favorite hairstyles like short, medium, shoulder length of top celebrities which are also best fit for the respectable mature women over 50. We have compiled here best styles of famous celebrities including curly bob, brunette, smooth and sleek styles etc.

Mature women and celebrities who are more than the age of 50 would like to wear trendy hairstyle of 70s, 80s and 90s era.

You would definitely like to create the charming haircut like them just to achieve cool and elegant look. Never think about your older age, if you feel yourself still young then you can always have hot and attractive look with different combinations of haircuts.

So, let’s have a look on some best celebrity hairstyles over 50 years old.

Jennifer Grey Shoulder Length Haircut

Fifty four year old Jennifer Grey is much famous actress because of her elegant appearance and charming personality.

She has beautiful shoulder length layered hairstyle with which is one of the best haircuts for women over 50. This style has cute and thick waves which give the stunning appearance to your face with sophisticated highlights and pleasant sombre color on lower length highlights your waves.

This celebrity hairstyle over 50 is considered one of the best styles for older women.

Jennifer Grey Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Lisa Kudrow Long Blonde Hairstyle

Usually, we have seen that women over 50 years old with long, blonde and loose haircut always feel difficulty when they want to get new and fresh look with their hairstyles according to their mature look.

But they should don’t worry, Lisa Kudrow’s beautiful long layered and smooth shoulder length hairstyle with stunning side parted style is one of the amazing option for to get the perfect look.

Her beautiful blonde shaded and long layered style is showing how to get perfect and outstanding blonde style even at the age above 50.

Lisa Kudrow Long Blonde Hairstyles Trends

Glenn Close Medium Curly Haircut

Glenn Close with her beautiful medium blonde Wavy and Curly Hairstyle is one of the best celebrity hairstyles over 50.

She has cute, soft and wavy hairstyle with absolutely stunning look. She added a little charm of blonde highlights in her shoulder length hairs to hide the white hair’s effect.

Glenn Close Medium Curly Haircuts

Robin Robert Short Haircut Style

Beautiful Anchor person Robin Roberts’s gorgeous short hairstyle is also one of the best celebrity hairstyles over 50. Her elegant short haircut colored with deep chocolate style enhances the beauty of her skin.

Robin Robert Short Haircut Style

Megan Mullally Red Short Haircut

Do you want red hair color for elegant look? Look at the Megan Mullally’s Red Short Layered Haircut with cute side swept bangs style.

I am sure this will be definitely perfect style for you.  I personally like it so much. She always keeps her look modern and cool with choppy short haircut. She added also auburn highlights to make her look more stylish and cute.

Megan Mullally Red Short Haircut

Diane Sawyer Medium Layered Hair

Charming and famous journalist Diane Sawyer has such an elegant blonde haircut since last so many years. This style works well for all older women over 50 because of its attractive and cool look.

You can see how she has still youthful look even at this age level.

Diane Sawyer Medium Layered Haircuts

Jennifer Grey’s Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Jennifer Grey made a huge comeback in dancing field with stars and she has really gorgeous look with layered brunette locks.

This style makes her look cute and bright full with exquisite highlights and soft curls style. This medium layered wavy hairstyle is absolutely perfect for thick and medium hair.

Jennifer Grey Medium Wavy Hairstyles

Katie Couric Short Hairstyle

Katie Couric’s short Hairstyle is one of the famous celebrity hairstyles over 50. Beautiful T.V broadcaster always keeps her look polished with short cropped haircut.

In this style, she has cool and clean look with the charm of blonde highlights. She looks gorgeous in this side swept bangs style which is also one of the best styles for women over 50.

Katie Couric Short Hairstyles

Helen Hunt Brunette Wavy Haircut

Women over 50 who have long thick hair can wear this style perfectly. Helen Hunt’s Long sun streaked curls with brunette style is most favorite for mature women to go out for any special event.

This style is perfect for older women who have oval, round and square face shapes.

Helen Hunt Brunette Wavy Haircut

Marcia Cross’s Long Red Wavy Hair

Do you like red bright hair color? You may wear elegant red shades like Marcia Cross’s adorable long waves. She wears this for cool and fresh look which is also a best example for older women.

If you want to use this style you may wear loose medium curls so that you may achieve perfect look like her.

Marcia Cross Long Red Wavy Hairstyle

Jaclyn Smith Layered Medium Curls

Jaclyn Smith’s layered medium curls wavy style is perfect for women who have thick hair. Since her attractive look in famous T.V show Charlie’s Angels, her beautiful featured hair has become iconic among women.

Now, you can see her in new look with the combination of soft layered curls and honey brown color. Older ladies, you can opt this style for youthful look.

Jaclyn Smith Layered Medium Curls

Julianne Moore Long Sleek Hairstyle

Do you have alluring red locks like Julianne Moore? You may also wear long red curls like her for more elegant look.

This is also one of the stunning styles for older women with side swept beach style. Older women who have long sleek hairstyle may have look like this.

Julianne Moore Long Sleek Hairstyles

Ellen Barkin Short Bob Haircuts

As we know that bob cuts are favorite styles for almost all age groups. Mature women who are looking for best bob hairstyle with straight look worn by famous celebs, they can follow the most beautiful look of Ellen Barkin.

Her elegant signature blonde bob look really inspires women of all age groups because of its sharp angled style and youthful appearance. We consider this a gorgeous short haircut for older women.

Ellen Barkin Short Bob Haircuts

Here are some more images of trendy hairstyles for celebrities over 50.

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Did you like these best celebrity hairstyle over? The above are some of the famous hairstyles for older celebs. If you want more trendy haircuts, you can mention your valuable ideas below in comments section.

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