Famous Celebrity Hair Colors Trends 2021 to Follow

Celebrities are like a hair color chameleon. They keep on experimenting with various hair colors and styles and thus serve as a style icon for you. These rapidly changing styles and colors give you an idea of latest hair color trends and thus serve as an inspiration for you. Various shades of blonde, black and brown are presented forth to you.

Furthermore apart from these neutral shades many celebrities also sport neon and vivid hair colors which make a striking statement.

Moreover you also get an idea of highlights and low lights by looking at these celebrity hair colors. Given below are some rampant hair color trends worn by various celebrities across the globe.

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Shades of Red Hairstyle

Red is the reigning hair color of a la mode and is sported by various celebrities. There are several shades in red which are given below.

  • Auburn

Auburn can look pretty glamorous if you know how to carry it off. For instance, Jessica Chastain wears her light auburn mane in a delightful wavy manner which entices the onlooker making him/her itch to touch these richly colored tresses.

Celebrity Auburn Hair Color Ideas

  • Orange Red Hairstyle

Orange Red and Carroty Red are colors which look as if flames have been ignited on top of your heads. Yet these flames look super-hot.

Just like Rachael Macadam wears her orange red hair in such an adorable manner that it makes her looks extremely polished and sophisticated.

Celebrities Orange Red Hair Color

Shades of Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde is an incredibly versatile color which comes in a variety of shades and hues. Given below are some of these celebrities’ hair colors bordering on blonde.

  • Bleached Blonde Hair-Style

Bleach out your hair like Anna Hathaway and enjoy a sexy platinum blonde edge to your locks.

Bleached Blonde Celebrity Hair Color

  • Light and Dark Roots Hairstyle

Combination of light and dark is the ultimate spiced up hair color such as that worn by Michelle Williams.

The cool-toned tips and dark roots of these celebrities’ hair colors give a seductive appeal to your hair do, particularly when conjugated with an edgy hairstyle such as a pixie crop.

Light and Dark Roots Hairstyle

  • Honey-Gold Blonde Hair Style

Blonde hair with an essence of gold holds a charming appeal for the onlooker. An effective example of this hair color is that sported by Margot Robbie. She has dyed her hair into a warm golden blonde with tints of honey which make her look like a Greek Goddess.

Honey-Gold Blonde Hair Style

  • Warm Blonde Hair Color

Did you know light blonde can come with intrinsic warmth which can complement even extremely light skin tones? Paltrow wears her beautiful sleek hair in a warm blonde shade which can claim an enticing depth and lightness to its name.

Warm Blonde Celebrities Hair Color

Shades of Black and Brown Hairstyle

Black and Brown are the eternally hot colors which are sported mostly by celebrities with dark or medium toned complexions.

  • Black Colored Hairstyle

Pure black without any high lights or amalgamation of any other color can look magnificently attractive solely on its own as well with a high shine and definition.

Black Colored Celebrity Hairstyle

  • Chocolate Brown Hairstyle

Chocolate Brown or brown in its varying shades is opted for by many celebrities because of its rich texture and gorgeous appeal.

Celebrity Chocolate Brown Hairstyle

Ombre Hair Color Trend

Ombre is the recent call of modern times. It features hair that is darker at roots and gradually becomes lighter at tips. This unique and hot hair color has become a signature hair style for a great number of celebrities such as Kate Mara, Cara Delevingne etc. and is rampantly being taken up by the general public as well.

Celebrities' Ombre Hair Color

This elaborate and comprehensive color palette featuring celebrity hair colors will enable you to pick out a color which caters to your whims and complements your looks; so that eventually when you go out, people stop dead in their tracks owing to your gorgeous and lustrous hair color.

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