17 Gorgeous Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights in 2020

We have all at one point come across photos of celebrities rocking in certain hair styles either from red carpet shots, paparazzi photos or even in our face book and Instagram feeds. One of the commonly used hairstyles especially by the Hollywood stars and models is the blonde highlights on brown hair.

Most of them use the hairstyle over and over again until it becomes their trade mark.  Some of the celebrities who have achieved the attention of the media having rocked in this style include Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosia and Hailey Baldwin among others.

Despite the colour of your hair, be it light, dark or even if it falls in between the two, you can glam your appearance by using blonde highlights.

Presently, there is a huge collection of blonde colours for you to choose from ranging from Champaign, honey, ash blonde, platinum, sun-kissed beige, dirty blonde and icy among others.

We sometimes end up wondering how such rocking styles are achieved. This article therefore seeks to unfold the secret behind such amazing looks.

Blonde Ash Balayage Highlights

Blonde ash balayage highlights

This goes well with dark brown hair to perfectly bring out contrasting style with highlights that help slightly lighten your look.

Many people go for this style during summer but you can simply use it anytime you want to refresh your hair colour. This style is perfect for you when looking for dark brown subtle hair with blonde highlights.

Blonde ombre brown hair

Blonde ombre brown hair styles

This is with no doubt a good choice for ladies with subtle balayage colour on their hair and is willing to take it to the next level. It is achieved by treating dark brunette hair roots to a blonde champagne ombre hair style.

Warm Subtle Blonde Highlights

Warm subtle blonde highlights

This contains a caramel shade that definitely warms up your hair without making you look like you have gone for a fully blonde style. This style looks more natural than artificial.

Warm Contrasting Blonde Highlights

Warm contrasting blonde highlights

The blonde highlights here go well with the base colour that is dark auburn, produce a neat appearance despite their slightly light to dark contrast. If you want your brown hair to all cosy and warm at the time of fall, then this is the perfect style for you.

Light Brown- blonde Balayage Bob

Light brown- blonde balayage bob Cuts

If you are looking for a textured end trendy lob or bob, then this is the perfect style for you. If you are starting from a light brown or medium base colour, then this balagaye blonde will help brighten up the style making the hair appear thicker and finer.

Peekaboo Blonde Highlights

Peekaboo blonde highlights

This form of highlight refers to any different colour applied underneath the hair layers. It is the perfect low style commitment that you can use if you want to test how good or bad your hair can respond to some chemical lightening products.

Chunky Balayage Brown Highlights

Chunky balayage brown highlights

This style strikes a balance between one- dimensional boring hair colour and decades past unnatural highlights. It helps achieve a bold and big highlight without making you feel like you are wearing an old hairstyle.

Rich Bronde Colour

Rich bronde colour with blonde highlights

“Bronde” is a trending hair colour that lies in between brown and blonde. If you are tired of wearing the obviously blonde highlights, ten this is the best shot you. It will not disappoint.

Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Blonde highlights on dark brown hair looks

This style involves light brown tones and subtle blonde on hair that is dark brown in colour. The pop of these highlights accents the natural dark brown colour on your hair.

Blonde & Brown Framed Bob

Blonde and brown framed bob Haircuts

If you are looking for a short hairstyle such as a long pixie or bob, then you should ensure that the highlights are concentrated in parts around the face. Ensure that you go for regular touch ups especially on monthly basis to keep your bob perfectly highlighted and in good shape.

Dirty Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Dirty blonde highlights on brown hair cuts

The dirty blonde cool highlights looks good over an ashy brown base and an olive complexion. The redness in fair but somehow ruddy complexions is neutralized by these cool colour highlights.

If you are looking for a hair colour that is not sunny looking and warm and is also lighter, then this is the perfect style for you.

Sandy Brown with Blonde Contrast

Sandy brown with blonde contrasts

The sandy brown shade is compatible with medium warm skins or olive complexions. Darker complexions may look a bit washed up with these sandy brown highlights.

Shaggy Blonde Highlights

Shaggy brown wiith blonde highlights

The diffused colour of blonde is perfect in bringing out a shaggy highlight that is in between perfectly polished waves and poker straight hair.

The blonde colour begins high up near the roots and you should therefore choose a shade that goes well with your complexion so as to achieve a perfect style.

Brown & Blonde Sombre

Brown and blonde sombre hairstyles

Sombre is simply a low key ombre style that puts tiny bits of contrasting colours just at the ends of your hair. For shorter haircuts or hair styles, the brown and blonde sombre highlights offer you a chance experiment with different colours without having worries on how they will appear against your complexion.

Warm Blonde Ribbons

Warm blonde ribbons hair colors

If you want reddish tinged, warm and rich way to refresh your dark brown hair, then this is the perfect style for you. The shades here provide a good colour palette for winter or autumn.

Tortoise Shell Hair Color

Tortoise shell hair colors for hairstyles

This is a new colour trend for brunettes. It contains a shiny and rich mixture of warm caramel and dark shades of brown highlights. The combination of these two brings out a unique yet simply highlighted style.

Blonde Highlights on Warm Dark Brown Hair

Blonde highlights on warm dark brown hair styles

Here, the blonde warm copper highlights help add texture to the hair while still creating a warm shade on it.

Depending on the nature of your hair and your skin tone you may choose any of the above styles for brown hair with blonde highlights. Your hair stylist may help you in choosing the style that suits you well.

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