Trending Bollywood Female Celebrity Hairstyles to Follow

Latest Bollywood female celebrity hairstyles ideas and trends. Whether it is fashion trends, beauty ideas or hairstyles, bollywood celebrities always inspires us with their latest trends and styles. With the passage of time every one in bollywood wants to change her look according to latest and some kind of different style than all others. People in India and all over the world always try to follow their styles to make their personalities also like them.

Although, there are so many elements which bollywood celebrities adopt in their daily life to make themselves gorgeous but beautiful and latest hairstyles are also have so much importance.

You must have seen that there are so many attractive bollywood hairstyles which always inspire all people, especially teenagers. Indian fashion and styles are highly adopted by a large number of celebrities, therefore when celebrities in India change their styles, they mostly become latest trends and fashion ideas globally.

There are a lot of latest hairstyles like long, straight, curly and bangs hair, which are being worn by bollywood celebrities in these days. In this post we have collected some of the best Indian celebrity hairstyles that you must see to get more attractive look.

Aishwarya Rai Hairstyle

Aishwarya Rai - Bollywood Female Celebrity Hairstyles

Beauty queen and former miss India Aishwarya Rai always looks cool with her side swept bangs, loose curls and long straight hairstyles.

She wears both modern and traditional hairstyles in a superb way. In these days she is wearing voluminous layered hairstyle which looks much cute and adorable with her face shape and hair texture. You can also copy her look by creating layers with elegant style of volume in your hairstyles.

Katrina Kaif

Beautiful Katrina Kaif Hairstyle

Indian barby doll and known as the name of golden girl in bollywood Katrina kaif always try to wear latest and trendy hairstyles. She mostly uses the combination of hairstyles which usually suit her face shape and character. That’s why we always see her with new hairstyles in every new movie. Katrina Kaif loves to wear ponytail, straight, wavy and layered hairstyles.

Priyanka Chopra’s Beautiful Hair

Priyanka Chopra one of the most glamorous and gorgeous actress in indian film industry use to wear new hairstyles like her outfits.

We have seen that Priyanka is very sensitive about the beauty of her hairstyles and has experimented a lot of hairstyles like straight and loose curls, shoulder length and pixie hairstyle.

However, we can say that whatever hairstyle she adopts, it becomes natural with her facial features and also enhances her hair’s beauty.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone Haircut Style

You know Deepika Padukone is very famous and well known actress because of her beauty, hairstyles and fantastic performance. She has got best film fare award 2007 in her best movie OM Shanti OM and she has done this with the combination of her looks and best performance.

Depika has experimented also with fringe and bang hairstyle for short time but after that she returned again to long layered and straight hairstyles which suit her a lot. She always wears simple but latest hairstyles because she knows very well what to do with her hair.

Kangna Ranaut

Kangna Ranaut Curly Hairstyle

We have all seen that Kangna looks gorgeous with beautiful natural curls and Wild Mop but some time ago she left this style and went for pulled back and smooth hairstyle which didn’t suit her exactly. Now she has come back again to her mop hairstyle but sometimes she also wears pulled back haircut style.

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha with Long Hairstyle

Sonakshi Sinha actually loves to wear straight and wavy hairstyle. In these she is wearing poker straight hairstyle which really looks stunning with her hair structure. Sonakshi always experiments with latest hairstyles for best look but we have never seen her to make changes in her hairs color.

Rani Mukherjee

This is another attractive actress of Indian film and entertainment industry. People also like her with her beauty and hairstyles besides of her professional career.

She wears usually long straight hairstyle which makes her look absolutely prominent and stunning among all other Bollywood celebrities at different occasions and events.

You can simply get her beautiful look by creating lightly layers, blow dry and then straighten your hair with any flat straightening iron. You may also wear bun and ponytail hairstyle which Rani wears sometimes.

Rani Mukherjee Updo Haircuts

Cute Preity Zinta

As we can see, pretty Zinta by her name, a well-known and charming personality of bollywood and globally. When we talk about her hairstyle, she has tried almost all type of hairstyles like long, short, straight and curly hairstyle.

She looks stunning and pretty in all hairstyles which she loves to wear in different movies and formal events. All hairstyles suit her because of her cool features and face shape.

You can see her with long and straight hairstyles in these days. She also creates both loose and tied buns in different occasions.

Preity Zinta Best Hairstyles

Bipasha Basu’s Bangs Hair

This hot and sizzling actress looks really cute with her adorable straight bangs on her forehead.

This hairstyle is a best way to hide a broad forehead and also square face shape. Straight your hair around the crown side area, if you want to wear this hairstyle.

Bipasha Basu Bangs Haircuts

Kareena Kapoor’s Highlighted Hair

Do you want to change your hairstyles’ look exceptionally? You can still make your look awesome with beautiful hair highlights.

You can see Kareena Kapoor with straight hairstyles highlighted beautifully. Attractive highlights always add depth and brightness in hairstyle and give you totally new look without much effort.

Kareena Kapoor Highlighted Haircuts

Malaika Arora’s Long Hairstyle

Malaika Arora khan one of hottest and yummy bollywood actress looks great with her long tresses like a charmer. Long hairstyle looks gorgeous on her beautiful face and graceful body. Moms and house wives also really love this hairstyle because this is so easy to create in very short time.

Malaika Arora Long Hairstyles

We really hope you’ll like must the above given bollywood Celebes’ hairstyles with different lengths and styles. You can also decide which hairstyle suits you best so that you can also get attractive look like them. Moreover, please also share your views and ideas if you know more about latest Indian celebrities hairstyles.

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