Delightful Straight Blunt Hairstyles Ideas to Follow

Straight blunt hairstyles for women are those hairstyles that incorporate very little cutting and are styled to stay pin straight. The slick straightness and the blunt cut method is the focal point of these hairstyles and hence it provides a very edgy and bold appeal.

One Length Straight Blunt Hairstyle

One Length Straight Blunt Haircut Style

One Length Straight Blunt Hairstyle

One Length Straight Blunt Hairstyle for Women

This hairstyle is great for all those women that need something that is very low maintenance. It is also best suited for women that have thick or wavy hair. This hairstyle will take quite a lot of weight out of the hair and will help it become more of a fine texture and hence manageable.

The All one length straight blunt hairstyle will bring the hair to one length and will create a clean line. Soften up the look by asking your hairstylist to give you bangs that will work for your face shape.

Straight blunt bangs will look great with this look though can take away the softness. So choose what you feel suits you best.

Anna Faris’ Straight Blunt Hairstyle

Anna Faris' Straight Blunt Hairstyle

Anna Faris' Short Straight Blunt Hairstyle

Anna Faris' Medium Straight Blunt Hairstyle

This look is one of the cutest of the straight blunt hairstyles for women. This is a shoulder length hairstyles with a glossy shine making it great for parties. Have your hair cut to one length at the shoulders. Also get wispy straight eye grazing bangs.

The start by applying a de-frizzing serum to damp hair and blow dry it with a round brush. The round brush will help create a natural lift in the hair.

Apply a heat protectant spray and straighten the hair with a flat iron, you want to ensure that the bangs are not pin-straight otherwise they would kill the softness. Finish the look by using a shine serum on the ends and you are ready to go!

Ashlee Simpson’ Blunt Hairstyle

Ashlee Simpson' Blunt Hairstyle

Ashlee Simpson' Long Straight Blunt Hairstyle

This is an excellent look for all those long black hair beauties since it really emphasizes on the bluntness of the hairstyle. Straight blunt hairstyles for women are differentiated with the bangs. Ensure that you have eye grazing straight bangs and a one length blunt haircut.

Then apply a shine serum to the hair and blow-dry the hair. Now some styling wax, warm it in your fingers and apply some to the bangs and ends of the hair.

Finish this great look by applying lining the entire rims of your eyes with black eyeliner and you are ready to roll.

Rebecca Budig Blunt Straight Hairstyle

Rebecca Budig Blunt Straight Hairstyle

Straight Blunt hairstyles for women can be soft as well. This hairstyle is a piece-y hairstyle that looks great even on unwashed hair. Have a blunt haircut with a length that is just above the shoulders.

Apply a texturizing hair styling product and blow dry the hair so that it is straight. Drying the hair rather than straightening the hair is the key that makes this look a little laid back.

Finish by running some styling wax through the ends of the hair to give it that piece-y appeal.

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