Cute Celebrity Inspired Blunt Bob Hairstyles for 2021

Blunt bob hairstyles for women are really trending this season. They are seen on many celebrities and look spectacular! Perfectly suited for women that are comfortable with short hair, the blunt bob is sure to add a touch of attitude to any look.

The reason why many women are turning towards the blunt bob hairstyles is due to the fact that it looks very edgy and is also low maintenance. That means getting out of the house with a great hairstyle could never have been easier!

Paris Hilton Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Paris Hilton Blonde Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Paris Hilton Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Paris Hilton definitely made the blunt bob hairstyle very famous. With a front fringe and bob that stopped just below her jaw line, this short hairstyle was very pretty and feminine. If you have a sharp jaw line and want to accentuate your features then this look is perfect for you.

After getting your hair cut like hers, start with dry hair and straighten the ends inwards. Also make sure that you straighten the fringe a little inwards as well so it looks soft. Use a round brush to keep the softness in the look and finish with a serum or pomade. Done!

Mena Suvari’s Retro Blunt Bob

Adorable Mena Suvari Retro Blunt Bob Haircut Styles

This type of blunt bob hairstyle for females is a great for all those women that have fine hair. Perfect for adding a bold personality, this hairstyle will definitely turn heads. You want to get a chin length bob that has textured at the ends.

For the bangs, they need to be perfectly blunt cut. Start by blow drying the hair to get it as straight as possible. Use a straightening balm if you have to.

Then straighten the hair to get it pin straight and finish off with a shine serum and a flexible hold hairspray.

Mary J.Blige’s Blunt Bob Haircut

Mary J.Blige Short Blunt Bob Hair

This is one of those blunt bob hairstyles that will look funky all the time. Start by getting a blunt bob haircut that ends around midway of your face. Yes! This is a very short haircut.

So only attempt this hairstyle if you are comfortable with carrying off a bold look. After straightening the hair, tuck one side behind the ear and wear a slouchy hat. Finish off with some pretty accessories like dangly earrings and you are ready to roll!

Kirsten Dunst’s Jaw Length Bob

Kirsten Dunst Jaw Length Bob Haircuts

This hairstyle is of those blunt bob hairstyles that work best on women that need an instant lift in the hair but require the hair to stay short. Get a jaw length bob haircut and start by using some mist setting spray on hair that is slightly damp.

Then proceed with blow drying whilst lifting the sections of the hair. This will give the hair body and will allow it to look swingy rather than being limp and flat to the head.  Make a side part and tuck the hair behind only one ear and you are ready to go.

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