Trending Blowout Haircut Styles for Men to Try

Men are taking their styles to next level this year. Blowout haircut is on the top of the list and it is a style that is popular since the 90’s. It is a haircut that is cut and styled in a way that it seems it’s been combed backed naturally by wind.

Men looked sexy in this style and if you can manage all the sexiness, get ready! We have the top alluring blowout haircuts for you to try out this season.

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Classic Blowout with Fade

Classic Blowout Haircuts with Fade for Men

A classic blowout haircut style is a usual one that everyone is able to pull off. It makes you look really hot and appealing, if you are dressed up formally. If you are at a day event, sunglasses will definitely compliment this haircut.

It is faded in a movement from the sides and the top is cut in layers. If you think your layers will come out after combing your hair, you can try using gel but make sure not to put too much.

Quiff Blowout Haircut for Men

Quiff Blowout Hairstyles for MenImage

How about a combination of a quiff with blowout haircut? Yes, it will look really classy a quiff is a layered haircut with a lot of volume.

This haircut is idle for men with thick hair and make sure you leave 1.5 inches hair shorter on the sides compared to the top. This is an all the time haircut that attracts others straight in the eyes and then at their hearts.

Pushed Back Blowout Cut

Pushed Back Blowout haircutSource

This is another type of blowout hairstyle. Are you planning to dress up all funky to an event? We guarantee that this haircut will 100% compliment your outfit.

This is a simple blowout that is combed back, you can also comb it to an either side. If you are dressing up all funky and it is a day event, try out some funky sunglasses and classy loafers to go with the haircut.

Spiky Messy Blowout Hairstyle

Spiky Messy Blowout Haircuts for MenImage

A blowout haircut that is spiky – doesn’t it sound creative? Well, this haircut is mostly popular among singers if you have noticed.

Spiky blowout is literally not messy, however, it is rather combed outwards to the front. The hair is long on the top and medium length from the sides. It will only look messy if you don’t comb it at all.

Side Swept Blowout with Undercut

Side Swept Blowout with UndercutSource

This is a modern classic blowout haircut that has one difference from the pushed back – mentioned number 3. You can style this haircut into a normal blowout and simply comb it to either side.

The other side is faded for a creative look. With this one, a beard looks really alluring so don’t miss out.

These are the top alluring blowout haircuts that you can try this year. Blowout haircuts are for people who like clean slicked professional look.

Isn’t it better if you look professional all the time because it is high time, you all should get over the messy haircuts. Applying a reliable product for maintaining it is essential part of pulling a blowout haircut.

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