12 Best Blonde Hair Color Ideas You Must Wear in 2021

Last Updated: January 22nd, 2021.

Looking for a new hair colour? Blonde hair is one of trendiest styles when it comes to getting a nice hair colour. Be it the first time you are switching from your virgin hair to a different colour or you are just bored of the hair colour you already have, getting blonde is something that is really exciting.

And it is not only just you, but even actresses also get confused about what shade to choose when it come s to getting blonde. No worries because here we are with some Best hair color ideas to try to help you out.

1) Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde Hair Color Shades

This blonde hair color shade is going to give a definition to your personality. Ash blonde is a shade which will make you look a daring person. It provides you with a confident look which everybody around you is going to absolutely fall in love with.

The blonde hair colour with a greyish tint, will make you look absolutely gorgeous for sure. This one will suit fairer complexions the most but do not worry it will look great on all sorts of complexions for sure.

2) Caramel Blonde

Caramel Blonde Hair Color Shades

Caramel is the blonde hair color with which everybody on social media is absolutely in love with.  This is a shade that will make you look really pretty and sexy at the same time.

It will take no time that everyone around you will be envious of your new look and ask for your hairstylist’s number.

Not only this, caramel blonde is further available in many shades both light and dark which you may choose as per your preference. Celebrities like Beyonce love this shade and have opted for it as their personal choice and we can’t deny how wonderful she looks with that new shade.

3) Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Not a fond of extreme red shades or extreme light ones? You do not have to think a lot on your next salon visit. Because we have a blonde shade that is absolutely right for you.

Try this strawberry blonde hair color’s shade just like the prominent name in fashion industry Emma Stone did. This look is the one which you rock both in the winter and summer season.

It provides a beautiful blend of red and white. This shade looks great on all type of skin complexions.

4) Black Hair with Blonde

Black Hair Looks with blonde Colors

Do not want to go all blonde? Try starting with blonde hair color highlights. And if you ask for a color to pair it up with there’s none other which is better than black. Not only it will make you look absolutely stylish but help enhance your overall style.

This is one of the most popular and amazing combinations when you are looking for ideas for blonde hair. The look will also make the hairstyles you will make look super cool.

5) Yellow Blonde

Yellow Blonde Hair Color trends

Looking for a bold, ravishing look? Girls, this is the one for you then. In the spectrum of blonde shades yellow is one of the brightest and most chosen shades of blonde hair colors.

Celebrities like Nicki Minaj have experimented with this, and they looked really good. Girls, this blonde hair colour shade can be rocked in all seasons and will make you look wonderful at all those parties.

6) Natural Blonde

Natural Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Women

Providing a natural look, this hair shade is really amazing. Even though people say that this one does not seem to copy well enough the colour of people who are born blonde but still it looks really good.

This shade is especially for fair girls as it looks natural on them.

7) Rose Gold Blonde

Rose Gold Blonde Hair Color Shades

Rose gold itself is a pretty charming blonde colour. And no doubt when it comes to blonde hair ideas this one cannot be missed out on the list of top options.

This makes you look really good and provides a relaxed look at the end. You can rock this look either by keeping dark roots or by going all blonde.

Bella Hadid too chooses this shade for herself and absolutely rocked it. So why not try this and show off your new look to your friends?

8) Dirty Blonde

Dirty Blonde Hair Color ideas

Also known as the “Dirty blonde hair colors, is one of the trendiest looks of the year. The colour is usually chosen to match every person’s natural shade.

Whether you have a light, medium, or a dark blonde, you can get a pretty shade of dirty blonde. And it will look pretty with every outfit and every hairstyle you wear. Go give this one a try, girl!

9) Bronze Gold Blonde

Bronze Gold Blonde Hair Color Trends

This blonde hair color is a very popular on the internet right now. This is a kind of shade which will suit all skin tones. And is a very good choice when it comes to choosing a warm, contrasting shade as your hair colour when you choose to go blonde.

You can go for your any of the lighter and darker shade in this one as per your desire and with regards to your skin tone.

10) Honey Blonde Highlights

Honey Blonde highlights and hair colors

Pretty similar to bronze-gold but with slight yellowish tint, this one brightens up your facial features. Using any of the darker shades for blonde, adding honey highlights can help you rock all the hairstyles possible and you won’t believe how fabulous it looks.

11) Brunette with Dirty Blonde Ends

Brunette hair colors with Dirty Blonde Ends

Even a brunette can achieve this look by getting dirty blonde ends. It is a look that provides an extremely charming which will go well with all your outfits and is suitable skin complexions.

This mixture of both light and dark produces a great visual effect and thus will look great in your pictures. Get ready to receive all those likes and comments when you post your picture on Instagram with this one.

12) Sunkissed Locks

Sunkissed Blonde Hair Color Highlights

A blonde shade which will provide an unbelievable end result and will make all your friends jealous of your new look.

It actually brings about a certain shine in your hair. you don’t need to add fake highlights when adding a picture on Instagram next time. Your new hair colour will do it all. So when it comes to going for blonde shades consider this one an option too.

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