Stylish Anime Hairstyles for Females and Males in 2020

Anime hairstyles are the most searched hairstyles by both males and females. Nowadays, these hairstyles are top online searching hairstyles. These styles are not just for cartoon characters anymore. But you can now see the people having these hairstyles in your surroundings. Anime hairstyles are easy to carry and give you a mode and stylish look. Therefore, teenagers and adults are preferring to have an anime hairstyle to have a fresh look.

These hairstyles are different from traditional styles. The designers design these hairstyles by using their creative thinking and expertise. The Anime hairstyles were first launched in Japan. And now boys and girls globally are getting these eye-catchy hairstyles.

Anime Hairstyles for Girls

Nowadays there is number of anime hairstyles for girls. And the number of these hairstyles is increasing day by day. To look elegant and beautiful girl’s hairstyle selection matters a lot.

Girls try to experiment with their hairs to look stylish and stunning. The top anime hairstyles that are famous among girls nowadays are described in detail below.

  • Twin tails

Twintails Anime hairstyle for Women in 2020

One of the most common and favorite hairstyles of Japanese female cartoon characters is twin tails. The teenage girls are also styling their long hairs with twin tails.

Twin tails can be done on the hairs with all lengths except the short hair. For shoulder-length and long hairs twin tails give you an energetic and cute look. To add more beauty to the twin tails you can use various accessories to tie the ponytails. These twin tails are tied on the right and left side of the head.

  • Slicked back hairstyle

Anime Slicked back hairstyle for girls in 2020

To look intelligent and sharp slicked back hairstyle is the best one. It is a hairstyle that gives you a stylish look with intelligence. It is a simple and easy hairstyle.

The girls just need a ribbon or a hairband to keep the hairs at the back. The hairs slicked back and you can do your daily tasks comfortably. Because this hairstyle keeps your hairs back from your head and face.

  • Long straight anime hair

Long Straight anime hairstyles for girls in 2020

Long straight anime hair is the most common and liked hairstyle among females. In this hairstyle girls iron their hairs to keep them straight. To give the hairs an impressive look it also has bangs at the front.

You can choose the size of the bangs that cover your forehead. Moreover, the front hairs are cut in different sizes and styles to compliment your face structure.

  • Hime anime hairstyle

Hime anime hairstyle for women in 2020

Hime anime hairstyle is actually a trimmed haircut. It gives you an innocent look. It is easy to manage and carry. For short and long both hair lengths this hairstyling looks equally impressive.

The hairstyle cuts your hair bangs ends into small splits with the help of scissors. It gives the bangs a different look.

  • Tied back anime hairstyle

Tied back anime hairstyles for Women 2020

Tied back hairstyle is also known as the back ponytail. It is commonly used by female cartoon characters. The cartoon characters adopt the tied back anime style in various dimensions. As some have it with a bang at the front or a big bang on one side of the head.

This hairstyle is common among girls globally. As this hairstyle is easy to maintain. Within one or two minutes you can brush and tie your ponytail easily. This hairstyle is adopted by the females of every age group.

Anime hairstyles for men

Anime hairstyle for men is very impressive. As it gives them a stylish and gentleman look. A few of the hottest and loved anime hairstyles are discussed here.

  • Straight and long anime

Straight and long anime hairstyle for men 2020

The straight and long anime hairstyles are perfect for youngsters. The hairstyle features the straight and long painstakingly. To get this haircut the hairstyle cut the hair in different lengths and styles from the front. These different styled hair cover your face.

The best part of this haircut is that it is easy to manage and maintain. Moreover, it gives the volume to your thin hair. To make this hairstyle more impressive you can color your hair with different colors.

  • Hair Buns

Anime Bun Hairstyles for men 2020

In the past hair, buns were considered the hairstyle for girls or females. But now it doesn’t matter that you are a girl or a boy. As both males and females adopt this cool anime hairstyle. The cartoon characters like Naruto’s character Haku carry the hair bun style in an outstanding way.

This hairstyle related to the hairstyle of the ancient Japanese soldiers or warriors. Some people and especially Japanese consider this hairstyle a sign of courage and strength.

Nowadays, boys who love to have long hairs prefer this hairstyle. As you can save your time and energy as well. Within just few minutes you can make a perfect hair bun.

  • Ponytails

Anime Ponytails for men to Follow in 2020

Ponytails are another common and stylish anime hairstyle among cartoon characters and now among males.You can tie the ponytails in different styles and on different height. Ponytails help you to tie your long hairs.

It also gives you a good and stylish look. It also allows you to change the style whether on daily basis or weekly. As you can tie the ponytails on different sides of the head and on different length position. Select the ponytail style if you are fond of long hairs.

  • Messy or scruffy hair

Messy Anime Hairstyle for Men in 2020

Do you want to have a sexy and carefree look? Go for the messy or scruffy hairstyle as it is one of the best options for males. With this hairstyle you can go anywhere directly from your bed.

You don’t need to brush or set your hair. Various cartoon characters carry this hairstyle in the perfect manner.

For example, Haikyuu’s Hinata Shoyo, and Lawliet from the famous Death Note. You can have this hairstyle in various ways. For short hairs it is an ideal hairstyle.

  • Uneven spikes

Anime spiked hair for men in 2020

As the name suggested this hairstyle is mostly unevenly positioned. These spikes are cut unevenly and in an irregular positioning. You can adjust the spikes easily as it is unevenly it will give you a rough and tough look. With the popularity of spikes the uneven spikes are also liked mostly by the teens and youngsters.

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