9 Beautiful Anime Girl Hairstyles to Create in 2020

Whether you like to watch anime characters or not but you can’t ignore their hairstyles. Anime character’s hairstyles are unique and give a cool and stunning look. Girls can now adopt these hairstyles. These hairstyles look super cool and are easy to make. It doesn’t take much time and energy. Most of these hairstyles go well with all types of facial features or structures. It also has options for the short, medium, and long hair lovers. From the list of anime girl hairstyles, you can select any style that you like the most.  Or select a hairstyle that goes with your personality.

The most beautiful and cool anime girl hairstyles are discussed in this article. It will help you to choose the right one that will complement your personality.

Long Hairstyle:

Anime long hairstyles for girls 2020

Most of the anime female characters can be seen in the long hairstyle. For instance Scarlett. The long hairstyle shows your personality as a strong, stylish, caring, and sensitive. The long hairstyle is easy to maintain. In this hairstyle the hairs are cut in long layers.

While on the other hand the top side layers are cut shorter. So whenever you open your long hair and just brush them it gives a perfect look. For setting them you just need to brush them. You don’t need any hair accessories or hair gel to manage them.

Moreover, you have an option on the other side to style your hair in other styles. Therefore, most of the girls love to have a simple long anime hairstyle.

Anime Shaved Hairstyle:

Anime Shaved hairstyles in 2020

In the past, for girls, a shaved head was considered as a taboo. But the anime characters introduced it as a style. The anime female characters not much but few characters adopted this style. The characters carry the shaved or bald head or hairstyle in the perfect confident way. By watching these characters now girls also get the courage to opt for this hairstyle.

It gives you a bold look. And it compliments on few facial features. Especially in summers this hairstyle can be adopted. And with no hair on the head you don’t need to maintain it. It doesn’t need your time, energy, and resource. The anime female characters who adopted this hairstyle are Tiger and Bunny’s Kriem and the famous D.Gray-man’s Mahoja.

Sideswipe Hairstyle:

Anime sideswipe hairstyles for Women 2020

For the girls to have a strong-headed look sideswipe is an ideal hairstyle. It suites equally on short and long hairs. This hairstyle also gives you a beautiful look. In this hairstyle, the hairdresser cut the front hair in the sideswipe. And this side swipe covers your forehead.

Anime Hairstyle with Bangs:

Anime Hairstyle with Bangs 2020

Bang & Bang is a style in trend nowadays. Girls love to have this style. It looks super cool with its sidelong layer. This sidelong layer covers the one eye. It was not considered an ideal style in the past as it covers an eye and in some styles half of the face.

But the anime characters carry it with style. And their style makes it ideal for young girls. For teenage or young girls it is a unique style. It gives you a strong-headed and confident look. This hairstyle looks more attractive with long hairs.

Anime Bun Hair Style:

Anime bun hairstyle for girls

One of the most iconic anime hairstyles for girls is the buns. Any girl with middle or long length hairs can easily make it. For this hairstyle, the girls have to tie their hair in the form of a bun. They tie it with a ribbon or any hair accessories.

It gives you a feminist and stylish look. To make these hair buns more beautiful and charming you can tie it in many ways. Moreover, now various wonderful hair accessories are also available in the market. While going on a party or function you can use these accessories on your hair bun.

Ponytail Anime Hairstyle:

Anime ponytail hairstyle in 2020

Ponytails are a must hairstyle for an anime female character. Ponytails are easy to make and looks perfect. Females of every age can try this hairstyle. Young girls prefer to tie the ponytail with a front bang. You can tie a ponytail at the top of the head.

Besides that, you can also tie a ponytail a bit low at the head. It’s totally your choice. This hairstyle gives you a rough and tough look. You can also tie a ribbon knot to tie the ponytail. A ponytail is a trendy and most commonly used hairstyle for short, medium, and long hairs.

Twin tails:

Anime Twintails hairstyle for girls 2020

Enjoy the twin tails hairstyle with any hair length. Twin tails are the most common and loved anime hairstyle. From the baby girls to young girls love to have twin tails. In almost all the anime cartoons you will witness the female characters with twin tails. To enjoy the look of an innocent yet energetic girl this style is a must.

You can adjust the position of the ponytails. Some girls like to tie the twin tails at the backside. While on the other hand, some want to tie the ponytails at the right and left side. Some girls want loose twin tails and some like tight twin tails. So you have various options in twin tails hairstyle.

Afro Anime Hairstyle:

Best Anime Afro hairstyles

Afro hairstyle is one of the hairstyles we commonly not seen in anime characters. But the few characters that adopted this hairstyle they carry it well.

Now the girls with curly hairs love this hairstyle. In the afro, you have various styling options. And curly top knot is one of the most common afro anime hairstyles. Afro hairstyle gives you a cool look. The anime character who carries the afro style perfectly is the Atsuko Jackson. She carried the cloud-style afro brilliantly.

Anime Wild Curls:

Anime Wild curly girl hairstyle for 2020

Another really common yet in trend anime hairstyle is wild curls. In this hairstyle, you must have long or medium length hairs. To add more beauty in your curls you can color your hairs. The curls give you a stylish and modern look. It takes some time to make this hairstyle. But it gives you a perfect formal look.

Final Words:

Now you can have an anime girl hairstyles of your favorite female character. You can select a hairstyle from the above-mentioned hairstyles. All these hairstyles are easy to manage and gives you an exceptionally beautiful look.

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