90s Inspired Hairstyles Making a Comeback This Year

Has there ever been an era quite as iconic as the ‘90s? It is, after all, the decade that brought us high-top sneakers, denim on denim glory, matte lipstick, the flare pants frenzy, chain wallets, and so much more.

But while we couldn’t be happier to say a final goodbye to some of these bygone trends, we’re also equally enthralled to see some of them making resurgence — particularly in terms of hair.

Fashion is a cycle, after all, and the signature ‘90s colorful hair accessories, texture, and lots of bounce are having their time in the limelight again.

Below, we have outlined some of our favorite nostalgic hair moments from our youth that have now come back with a stylish vengeance.

Zigzag Hair

In the ‘90s, this style was popularly known as crimped hair. You might recognize it as Christina Aguilera’s go-to style with the iconic pink low-lights.

But now that it’s 2019, we’re saying hello to crimped hair’s more modern sister: zigzag hair. It’s got the same kinky texture, but is just loose enough so that it can look like you’ve just freed your locks from all-day braids.

Take your cue from model Gigi Hadid, who channeled her inner ‘90s pop star with her textured ‘do.

Zigzag Hair 90s Hairstyles for WomenTops Images

Hair Jewelry

Anyone who’s been on social media lately would find it hard to ignore the latest beauty craze taking over Instagram: the barrette trend.

These accessories come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs — from bedazzled and pearl-embellished, to vivid neon and black and white. But this dainty hair clip isn’t the only one of its kind making a comeback.

Bows, flower clips, and skinny headbands are also making their long-awaited comeback. Of course, let’s not forget the good old scrunchie, our personal favorite here on Hairstyles Co.

Hair Jewelry in 90s EraVingle

‘90s Curls

Before effortless beach wave curls became the ultimate cool girl hairstyle on the runways and the streets, it was the classic tight perm that reigned supreme on all our heads.

Because straight and sleek was hardly a thing back in the day, naturally curly-haired It Girls such as Sarah Jessica Parker wore their voluminous manes loud and proud.

To this day, the Sex and The City star continues to wear this hair style every now and then, whether she’s attending another movie premiere and rocking it on the red carpet, or simply running errands when out and about in LA.

She has certainly helped pave the way for girls today to embrace their natural hair in all its wild, untamed glory.

90s Curls Styles for WomenRichard Magazine

Supermodel Blowout

Nothing says “Old Hollywood” better than ultra-shiny and bouncy tresses that seem to possess a life of their own. This style was famously sported by almost every glamorous celebrity of the ’90s, but nobody pulled it off as well as Emme Aronson.

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because she is also known as the fashion world’s first plus-size supermodel. Indeed, the curvy lady has long been an advocate for body positivity, long before it became an internet movement.

Currently, Emme continues to build on her advocacies, especially with her recent collaboration with inclusive clothing brand Woman Within.

As someone who was known for wearing her confidence on her sleeve, Emme’s voluminous ‘do (which she sometimes still wears today) was the ultimate cherry on top. She proves that big can be better — both in body size and in hair volume.

Supermodel Blowout Hairstyles in 90sBustle

Wispy Fringe

While bangs today tend to be blunt and bold, the ‘90s was all about wispy textures. Just pay attention to the likes of Drew Barrymore, who worked that short cut so perfectly.

Feathered fringes look more casual than the usual straight bangs we’ve seen since the ’90s, and these don’t require as much styling or frequent trimming.

This makes it particularly ideal for those who can’t be bothered to do a full hair routine every day. These types of women would be glad to know, then, that in recent years, the hairstyle has been famously recreated by singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, complete with chopped layers and all.

90s Wispy Fringe Hairstyle for WomenRefinery29

Accent Braids

Accent braids — especially in a contrasting color — were the ultimate rebel girl hairstyle in the ’90s. Fans who grew up watching the cult TV classic My So-Called Life might remember it as part of Rayanne Graff’s trademark up ‘do.

While you might choose to ditch the puka shell necklace and colored hair beads, you can still try your hand at accent braids to spice up the plainest of ponytails in 2019.

Gorgeous 90s Accent BraidsBuzzfeed

Platinum Pixie

Pixie cuts have always been a timeless staple, but the platinum version of the ‘do was definitely a product of the ‘90s.

Out and about, a younger Jada Pinkett-Smith would show off her classic platinum-hued pixie cut, which also served to highlight her sculpted cheekbones. Now, Zoe Kravitz has taken inspiration and also recently debuted her vintage cut.

90s Platinum Pixie HaircutsApple Story

Do you have any ’90s hair favorites you’ve wanted to bring back? Let us know and leave a reply below!

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