Graceful 1980s Hairstyles for Women

Last Updated: February 15th, 2018.

The 1980s hairstyles for Women were blunt and bold and looked trendy on all sorts of women. Even the most sophisticated women went after following this tradition of letting the hair “loose” and wavy. It was noted that this era was the “experimentation” era for the ladies as well as the men. Although the men had their crazy long hairstyles, the women were nowhere left behind.

1980s Perms Hairstyle

All the women of that time went for a perm. They grew their hair long and wavy. The women loved to experiment with their long hair. They dyed their hair blonde or brown or any other shade of auburn or red.

1980s hairstyles for women with Perms

The 1980s hairstyles for women wooed all the men around them. While the men were busy in making their hair long, the women emphasized more on their hair’s volume than length. The hairstyles which included streaking and dying of hair just made the women of that time blunt and bold.

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Mousse in 1980s Hairstyles for Women

A lot of styling was required in order to make the women’s hairstyles stand out and blunt in the crowd. The hair was supposed to be “volumized” by perming or back-combing. Either way, a lot of mousse was applied to the hair which made it rigid to the hairstyle it was supposed to stay in.

Volumized 1980s Women Hairstyles

Women had strong and rigid hairstyles that stood as they were for about five to six hours because of the excessive amount of mousse applied. These characteristics of 1980s hairstyles for women made them different among all the hairstyles and are still followed today by some.

1980s Women Hairstyles with Curls and Volume

1980s Headbands Women Hairstyle

The women back then also involved themselves in having a lot of hair accessories. They started experimenting different colored wigs and extensions. Also truly believed in experimenting. They also started wearing different colored head bands and hair crouches. There were all sorts of printed and patterned head bands that were being tried and loved by all the women.

The women either tied up their hair with these bands or let them loose and wore small crouches in the partitions of their hairs. The pony tails of that time were made to “stand” with the help of excessive amount of hair mousse used and it was then complemented with a hair band or crouch.

1980s Women Hairstyles with Headbands

The different colored and patterned hair bands were in no way flattening for the huge volume of hairs. Rather, the head bands complimented the huge hair and made them look fashionable.

The actors, dancer, singers, painters and common people followed these hairstyles with ease and perfection. There are many actors who are memorable because of their massive volume hair and the right amount of gel they used. From crimped to perm, from wavy to frizzy, all of these variety of styles were included in the 1980s hairstyles for women.

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