Fashionable 1970s Hairstyles for Women to Copy

Last Updated: November 28th, 2020.

1970s hairstyles for women were quite different; from long to short lengths and also incorporated flicks, layers, curls and bubble perms.Straight and long hairstyles is a commonly observed hairstyle throughout the times.

The  shoulder- length hair by virtue of a feather cut; had been frequently paired with “wings” that  flicked away from the  sides  or perhaps with a fuller fringe. Let’s discuss some famous women hairstyles of that time.

Ape Styles for 1970s Women Hairstyles

A good early 1970s hairstyles for women that consisted of shorter hair over the top , coupled longer hair at the backside; with many layering throughout the hair. The hair were straight or curl and always had a shaggy turn to it.

1970s Women Hairstyles Trends

1970s Women Hairs with Shag and Wedges

It  was  a unisex style,  with virtually no frill cuts that involved evenly-progressing levels managed to graduate sides as well as a full fringe.A greater version of the shag; often with surf, was actually labeled as the gypsy cut.

It ended up being a popular ’1970s hairstyle for both sexes and was  being used by numerous film stars at that time.

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Shag and Wedges 1970s Women HairstylesIn 1970s hairstyles for women, the wedge was very popular and it was fashioned by Vidal Sassoon protege Trevor Sorbie in 1974.The cut consisted of brief hair with steep-angled sheets cut all around the sides and also at the back.

This excellent  cutting created a virtually triangular style that was  greater at the top, entering a heavily-layered look just  at the backside with lots of movement.

1970s Women Curly Hairstyles

1970s Women Afro Hairstyle

Women’s hair styles that invited the black color community to accept their natural hair construction in lieu of being “community corrections” with straightened hair;  persisted to be popular in the 1970s, soon after emerging in the ’1960s, predominantly in the black pleasure movement.

Afro 1970s Women Hairstyles

The ’1970s Afro ended up being fashionable because it was styled by both genders throughout the decades, basically by African-Americans along with the black community.

It was even carried by different ethnic groups and people with really curly hair because it was a good substitute for uniformity  in length, straight hair.

Cornrows 1970s Hairstyle for Women

Cornrows 1970s Women Hairstyles

Cornrows became very popular in 1970s hairstyles for women. The hair is plaited tight to the scalp; both in straight rows or complicated patterns. It’s a design which required virtually no relaxers  nor any other harsh chemical.

The finishes  could be  secured with elastic bands and/or be designed with beads. Not all black colored women had cornrows or a strong Afro – wigs continued to  be a popular alternative available in   an assortment of brief and additionally fashionable designs .

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