Classic 1960s Hairstyles for Men to Try Now

Among the American people, men’s hairstyles with their unique fashion and looks had a huge popularity during the 1960s era. This decade was considered the period of transformation after the 1950s hair-styling trends. We can see a lot changing trends in 1960s hairstyles for men.

There are so many best ideas to see in these hairstyles of 60s era. These changing took place in 1950s and finally showed off their looks to get dashing personality for men in 1960s.

We’ve rounded up here some best ideas of 1960s hairstyles and haircuts for men because of their trendy looks and huge demand.

Hairstyles in 1960s Era

This was a time of innovations and some extra ordinary changes in the field of fashion and entertainment. A lot of actors came in front to revolutionize the entertainment industry. As they became popular, their walk, talk, way of dressing and even the hairstyles were what adopted by the men of that era in a larger number.

1960s men hairstyles became every eye loving in a shorter time frame. In those days, the hairstyles were labeled with swinging ideas. The 1960s men hairstyles developed more and more with the passage of time.

And even these days, some of our history loving men like to adopt those hairstyles which surely give their personalities an awesome and charming look.

Trends of 1960s Men Hairstyles

The trends of 1960s men hairstyles were even loved to be worn by various youngsters of that era. Not only this but also it has been observed that in today’s societies, the respect for history is still present.

These days’ men like to make their hairstyles look like as charming as in 1960 were. The classic ideas of these sorts of hairstyles obviously give a charming and attractive place to a man wearing these hairstyles.

1960s Men Hairstyles

Afro hairstyle is one of the best and top notch hairstyles of 1960s. In those days, Afro hair idea was largely adopted by the fashion models, actors and even the common men. This hairstyle gives a look of attitude and decency to the men so it is still loved a lot.

These days the men show their respect to 1960s hairstyles for men  by adopting them in a larger number.

The fashion icons of today are even loving to wear these form of hair styles which give a different look to them and thus they become prominent in every part, birthday celebration, wedding or even at a festival.

Comparison of 1960s Hairstyles with 1950s

The 1960’s era had been considered to be as the completing piece of what the 1950’s had produced concerning the hair industry. In the 1950s era, men’s hairstyles had been hugely transformed.

The conservative hairstyles were now freer and more stylish hairstyles. The 1960s era had produced many stylish and elegant hairstyles for the different men haircuts.

1960s Men Hairstyles Trends

It hadn’t bounded those hairstyles on certain hair color or skin color. One of the most seen and worn 1960s men hairstyles is the crew cut hairstyle which has been worn by many men with different ages; from the young boys to the business men, but this hairstyle is the only one of 1950s hairstyles that the 1960s era kept.

Types of 1960s Trendy Hairstyles

Rockabilly Haircuts

Those hairstyles had been very trendy among conservative men of all ages. Another trendy hairstyle of the 1960s was the Rockabilly hairstyle worn by many celebrities like Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Men only had to sweep up and wave their hair to get this hairstyle.

Rockabilly - Mop-top Men Hairstyles 1960s

Mop-Top 50s Hairstyle

Another popular hairstyle was the Mop-top 50s hairstyle. This hairstyle had been introduced and popularized by the Beatles band and also the Herman’s Hermits rock groups.

The mop-top had the fringes which covered the men’s eye brows and hit the shirt collar in the back giving a stunning and unique look.

The last one is the Afro hairstyle, which had been worn by the African-American men and was shaped like a mass of disheveled noodle-like hair. The most common of the 1960s men hairstyles are the buzz-cut hairstyles and the flattop hairstyles.

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