Popular 1950s Hairstyles for Women to Try Nowadays

Women of 1950s were fashionable and looked fabulous with soft curls. Hairstyles of that time  like 1960 women hairstyles were also accessorized with headbands, barrettes and scarves.

Those hairstyles were complicated and structured but the modern version of 1950s hairstyles for women are easy to create. Women hairstyles of 1950s feature curls and waves.

Have you ever wondered about how beautiful the 1950s hairstyles were and how easy to manage? No? Then you should know that in those times, the women were more concerned about their beauty.

It’s because there were a few facilities of make up, hair styling and even a limited number of products were available in the market. Having a stylish and delicate look was just like a dream and one of the most competitive tasks in 1950s hairstyles.

1950s women hairstyles

1950s Curly Hairstyles

Women hairstyles with curly hair look soft when pinned down. The hairstyle of 1950s with soft curls is achieved by wrapping wet hair to get ringlets.

Curls are secured after twisting them. An extra holding hairspray is used to keep the hairstyle for longer. Make sure curls are pinned all over the head.

1950s curly hairstyles for women

How to get Curls?

Soft rollers are available in different sizes to get curly women hairstyles. These rollers are set into wet hair and fixed with hair pins.

Hairspray is sprayed all over the head and rollers are left overnight. In the morning, take out the rollers and you will get soft and loose wavy hairstyle.

Pin up curly hairstyles of 1950s are created with curling irons. These curling irons have different barrel sizes that give tight to loose curls.

50s Wavy Hairstyles

Women hairstyles of 1950s also featured wavy hair. Women of that era used to wear permanent curls and waves with a method known as home perming.

They used home styling kits for this purpose. “Toni” was the popular kit that consisted of chemicals and curlers. Anyhow, the chemicals were smelly and don’t always gave successful results.

1950s wavy hairstyles for women

The modern women hairstyles with waves are very easily styled. It is easy to get hairstyle of 1950s from a salon.

They have latest techniques and odorless chemicals that give guaranteed results. Perming is offered at all salons that give curls lasting up to 8 weeks. This technique is applicable for all hair lengths so that women can enjoy wearing hairstyle of 1950s.

Updo Haircuts of 1950s’

Women hairstyles of 1950s also consisted of up dos. Up dos of that time were voluminous, puffy and heighted.

A beehive and bouffant was popular among women. These hairstyles are still popular but there is a reduction in height and volume.

Women get these hairstyles done from a salon, they use various styling products and tools to give exactly similar look. However, these hairstyles are also created at home with great ease.

1950s updo hairstyles for women

You need to have a rat tail comb, hair spray, styling gel, bobby pins, blow dryer, and elastic band, headband and shine serum to get up dos of 1950s.

To start with, mousse and styling gel is rubbed to roots of damp hair. The hair is blow dried to add some texture and volume. Top section of hair is lifted up and back-combed with shirt stokes.

It is secured with bobby pins and rest of hair is tied into a bun. A headband gives perfect look of 1950s.

Fifties Fine Haircuts

Creating a unique and attractive look was a challenge for the hairstylists and hair dressers in those times.

The women were usually romantic and much stylish in nature as compared to the women today because these day women remain busy in their daily household or professional activities. The hair styling industry came across various revolutions in 1950s hairstyles for women.

In those days, various new ideas and haircut plans were introduced which are still liked very much.

As compared to the women of 1940s, those who were wearing 1950s women haircuts were more appreciated and liked in every party due to their fine looking ideas.

1950s Short Hairstyles Women Looking fine

Plain Ponytail 1950s Curly Styles

In 1950s hairstyles, the women usually were more habitual of wearing plain ponytails with curls. This was one of the most amazing hairstyle ideas.

It was not only easy to manage but also quick to wear. This is the reason the women of those times used to wear 1950s hairstyles with ponytail and curls. Placing a beautiful ink or red rose into the hair was yet another attractive looking idea.

Keeping the ponytail intact with fancy clip or hair catcher was yet another beautiful haircut idea. The ladies used to settle up their hair with different hair sprays and gels.

The pixie hair cuts with ponytail were another flawless hairstyle idea in that era. So overall there was a lot of choice the women could go with ponytail in order to experience an amazing feel.

1950s Hairstyles with Curls and Ponytail

French Plaits Haircuts

1950s hairstyles have another charm in the form of French plait hair cuts. These french plaits were famous especially among the celebrities.

Pinning up their hair with fancy looking pins or flower pins to poodle up the hair was one of the best practices.

1950s Hairstyles French Twist Styles

The women sometimes used to keep their hair open with little curls behind and french plaits at the front side. The French plaits with curly open hair were giving the world class look to the wearer.

The women also used to wrap up their hair with the help of colorful or plain scarves in 1950s. These scarves were not only the way to tie up their hair but also were making them feel a messy and stylish look.

This trend of 1950s hairstyles for women was largely practiced by religious women in that era.

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