Classic 1950s Men Hairstyles Trends to Follow

1950s men hairstyles were divided into two main categories: the conservative, short hairstyles and the wild, strange hairstyles. The most famous of the conservative, short hairstyles were the flat top, crew cut and the military hairstyles.

There are a lot of famous hairstyles of 1959s‘ men that are being used in the current period. “Joe Carello”, one of the famous hairstylist has got popularity just because most of his clients are reknonwd celebrities who like to wear vintage haircuts.

The Duck’s Ass haircut got popularity by this famous hair artist. This style is created with the combination of greaser and center parted back haircut style. Like that tapered sides haircut and side parted hairstyles were also much famous among the men of 1950s.

We can see there are many young guys of new generations who like to sport the amazing 1950s styles hair. So, we can say 1950s men’s hairstyles are much popular in the current period. You can easy choose the best one according to your face shape to go for office, school or college.

Have a look at below givens some most amazing choices of 1950s hairstyles for men to wear in these days.

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How to Create 50s Men Hairstyles?

1950s coolest short hairstyles for men

In the 1950’s, men were back home from the war and off to work again, and the look was either the clean cut or the greaser. The clean cut look isn’t too far from the way many men wear their hair today, that is parted on the side and then slicked back.

Some men would puff up the front portion of their hair, and then slick it back whereas the greaser look was a little more edgy. The entire top of the head was fluffed up (sometimes falling forward into the eyes) with the slides slicked back using a lot of hair gel.

To get the clean cut look, a fine-toothed comb was wet in water and the hair was combed all the way back starting at the hairline.

Then the hair was parted to one side of the head (not down the middle). For the shorter side of the part, the hair was slicked back along the sides. While combing the longer side of the part to the back of the head to create the puffed look.

Duck-tail and Short Haircut

1950s ducktail short Hairstyles

1950s Men’s Short Hair

1950s mens short hairstyles trends

Types of 1950s Mens Hairstyles

Many people back then also adopted the hairstyles of the most famous stars of the 1950’s era; Elvis Presley and James Dean, who grew sideburns with medium haircuts and a lot of ideas of the haircuts which could best suit every face.

his hairstyle was considered one of the trendiest hairstyles of that era.

The next most famous hairstyle was the ducktail hairstyle and was also inspired by Elvis Presley. The ducktail hairstyle is a slick-back spreading over each of the side.

This then follows with a swooping idea. The duck-tail is what made this hairstyle look awesome on the men. Earlier in the history, the men especially those belonging to fashion industry were more likely to adopt the flippery edging ideas.

Another of Presley’s hairstyles that gained much popularity was the pompadour hairstyle. It was actually a creation which became popular as a result of combined haircuts spread all over the head sides with a lot of hair gel.

Then to pull it in order to have the best looking haircut. The side parting hairstyle was also very famous back in 1950s men hairstyles and gave a very decent and sophisticated look. That was probably the reason why it was used by heroes in the movies of 1950.

Greaser Mens 1950s Hairstyles

For the greaser look, two nickel-sized clumps of hair gel were taken and pushed through the side of the hair. Then a comb was used to distribute the gel evenly and to keep the hair perfectly slicked back.

A little more gel was used to bring the hair on top of the head up making the hairs look softer and slightly fluffy.

1950s men hairstyles are still in fashion and provide for every occasion whether it be rock n roll or a decent party thrown for the middle-aged men.

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