1950s Hairstyles for Long Hair – Best Long Haircuts for 50s

1950s hairstyles for long hair needed a lot of work by the women. If your hair tend to be straight, then the simplest and the quickest way to curl hair was to have the small curlers in the hair and then let them stay in the hair for some time or even at the night while sleeping.

Women at that time could also opt to go to the hairdresser and get a proper and a permanent solution for curls. It would chemically form the curls in their hair until they grow out. Bangs were also very much common in women at that time and women used to curl the bangs even to match with the rest of the hair.

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Different Styles of 1950s Hairstyles for Long Hair

For all the African American women, their nappy and naturally kinky hair was not considered good. Majority of the women got their straightened chemically to give them a nice and a great look.

1950s hairstyles for long hair women displayed the popular styles of that time with also the limitations that came along with the relaxed hair.

As the time of 1950s progressed, the hairstyles of women also grew in volume. The stylized waves diminished as larger hairstyles came in. These types of 1950s hairstyles for long hairs needed blow drying and hairspray to maintain the volume.

1950s Hair styles For Long Hair

Hair Dryer invention of 50s Long Hair

In the 1950s hairstyles for long hair, the curly hair was much in fashion and it was that time when the invention of blow dryer took place. Unlike the hairdryers of today, the hair dryers at that time were like a big cap connected with the large tube that is then connected to a heater.

The cap used to go on the head. When the plug was switched on, the heat went inside the tube and in the cap giving heat to the hair. This was a homemade version of the big hairdryers seen at the salon today.

Handheld hair dryers got more popularity in the late 1950s. They provided less accuracy to average users but made the hair bigger and higher.

Hair Dryer invention of 50s Long Hair

The 1950s hairstyles for long hair had not many variations since the curly hair was a lot in the trend. Women used to get their hair chemically curled in order to match with the society.Women who had nappy hair got their hair relaxed and straightened in the parlor.

1950s Hairstyles For Long Hairs

Many women used to follow film stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Lauren Bacall for the curly updos.  The women used to see these film stars and used to get their hair curled like the way they did.

This made the women at that time more classy, trendy and beautiful. This is why it is said that the 1950s era was a time of great hairstyles and beauty.

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