Wavy Hairstyles 2014 with Soft and Side Parting

Last Updated: July 22nd, 2015.

Let’s face it, wavy hairstyles 2014 are glamorous and beautiful. If you naturally have waves you are quite lucky as u can shape your waves around a beautiful and really inspiring hairstyle without much hassle and time consumption. If you do not have natural waves, you might want to employ some of the time in creating those absolutely elaborate waves. Reason for that is the fact that wavy hairstyles will be the new fashion statement come 2014. And no one can deny the elegance and decency the way haircuts bring along.

Wavy hairstyles also give you the chance to experiment with them widely and according to your facial features and your personal desires. Hence, wavy hairstyles are the one you should opt for if you wish to change your hair style and give yourself a better and modern look in 2014. Here are some cute Wavy hairstyles 2014 to choose from.

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Wavy Hairstyles 2014Wavy Hairstyles 2014

Soft Wavy Hairstyles 2014 with Bangs

This can be quite a pretty style among the Wavy hairstyles 2014. The style is really very charming and cannot be much time consuming because the bangs are created by your stylist.

So the basic theme of this hairstyle is having eyebrow length bangs on the forehead in a clear straight line with hair on both side made to curl in soft and short waves using a curling wand. You should begin curling your hair starting from the halfway mark on each side. To give an additional tip, this style goes ideally with a casual outfit to match the appearance.

Soft Wavy hairstyles 2014 with Bangs

Side Parting and Wavy Hairstyles 2014

Side parting with waves is always a cool and decent style to keep. It is certainly quite a glorious and mesmerizing style in the Wavy hairstyles 2014. Wavy hair styles are evergreen and always in vogue. The style requires you to make elegantly parted hair and then made to curl.

The curls can be made in a way you like since there are not any particular rules. Likewise, then can also be long or short depending on your own ways. The style can be given an additional captivating look by dying them a 2 shaded bold color combination like chocolate with red highlights or giving an ombre hairstyles having auburn and blonde look.

Side Parting Wavy Hairstyles 2014

A-Line Bob Cut with Waves

The bob cut is back again, and this time the bob is bringing those heavenly waves along with it. This haircut will be a favorite among ladies in the Wavy hairstyles 2014.

A-Line Bob Cut with Wavy hairstyles 2014This cute little hairstyle has an A-line bob cut with a clear side parting and shoulder length hair. The hairs are styled in winsome curls which are really divine. The curls provide a bobbing appearance to your hair. Bouncing around your shoulders, they give an impression of charisma and charm. A line Bob Cuts with waves will be the style which many celebrities will be wearing in the coming years.

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