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Last Updated: July 22nd, 2015.

The way we dress and present ourselves has a major impact on our lives. Our appeal can say a lot about our personality. Therefore it is important that we portray ourselves neatly and accordingly.

We all are in need of simple yet powerful ways of enhancing our looks. One simple way to transform your look and give a boost to your personality is to change your hairstyle. Regardless of your hair type, there are many short to medium haircuts that can give you a great transformation.

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Short to medium haircuts

Accessorizing for glamour :

There are many different ways of styling your hair. The use of hair accessories like head bands, ponies, clips and bobby pins can give your short to medium haircuts a touch of glamour to any short or medium hairstyles. Style a simple pony with a headband to give an edgy look. Or put your hair in an updo by randomly pinning bobby bins to keep your hair in place. Take out pieces of hair to provide a softer look. A quick way to capture attention is by adding a fringe. Half up and half down hairstyles are very easy to follow and can also change your style in an instant.

Short to medium haircuts Accessories

Styling short to medium haircuts with hair tools :

There are many different hair tools on the market that can be used to style short to medium haircuts. These include wavers, crimpers, hair strengtheners, curling irons, curling tongs and many more. These hair tools can be used to add texture to your hair. One curling iron when held differently can give you up to 3 different looking curls. It is all about using your creativity and trying out what you feel is suiting you best. Once you have a good hairstyle, glam it up with an accessory.

The use of products :

There are many different hair products available in the market that can help style short to medium haircuts effortlessly.

products for short to mediun hairThese products include hair creams, gels, waxes, sprays, mousse, dry shampoos, hair clays and many others. A bit of product can go a long way and can instantly create a more polished look.  Always be sure to set your hairstyle in place with a hair product so that it can last you the whole day.

Adding layers and colour :

Layers are perhaps the most widely preferred style that has been in fashion for many years now. Layered hair can provide a lot of volume and can give you a nice manageable texture. The layers can easily be styled straight, curled or left naturally. For short to medium haircuts, try layers of varying length according to your face type.

Short to medium haircuts with layeresShort to medium haircuts-03

You can also colour your hair and turn heads! A new hair colour will make even an old hairstyle look brand new. If you are not keen on a full dye then you can opt for highlights, lowlights, streaks or the very fashionable dip dye.


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