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Trendy Red Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Last Updated: October 11th, 2017.

Shades of red hair color are most attractive and impressive like brunettes and blondes. Now it is a perfect time for ladies to update their hair color trends for latest hairstyles look. Red is a trendy hair color among women in this year. It has so many different shades like auburn, plum, strawberry blonde, russet and feria etc. There are a lot of more else mentioned here.

We have collected some best red hair colors 2016 of top rated female celebrities for inspiring look. Like Jessica Chastain with adorable long ginger hairstyle, Rihanna with elegant red bob look. We assure you to get the best red hair color for your gorgeous locks. Follow the below given celebrities’ red hair colors with versatile ideas and trends.

Christina Hendricks’s Red Hair

Christina Hendricks’s Red Hair
Christina Hendricks’s Red Hair

Christina Hendricks looks extremely hot and attractive with her red hair locks. Her shiny copper red hair with shade of dark hair color makes her gorgeous. Moreover, She also wears smoky eye makeup with this style also enhances her beauty. This color suits her fair skin tone perfectly. You may also wear this beautiful hair color with the help of your hairstylist. Ask your hairstylist to wash your hair and then dye for shining red hair color for 2016.

Jessica Chastain’s Red Hair

Jessica Chastain's Rose Gold Red Hair
Jessica Chastain Rose Gold Red Hair

Hollywood’s top rated actress Jessica Chastain looks absolutely stunning and cute with her rose gold style red hair flaunting on her shoulders and on back side. She looks awesome with this light shades, soft red hair color and deep red lips makeup. We can say that this is a romantic and feminine hair color idea for women. This hair color is most suitable if you’re a blonde because it contains with blonds over tones. Women with wheat blonde and strawberry tone’s look also choose this hair color.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Apricot's Red Hair Color
Bella Thorne Apricot Red Hair Color

Bella Thorne, one of the most famous model, singer, and teen actresses in hollywood looks so cute in her red hair locks, looks like apricot and sexy loose wave’s style. Apricot is a red color which mostly suits with dark skin tone and light dark eyes. Bella has also medium dark skin tone and brown eyes so she looks also gorgeous with this hair color. You should say your hairstylist to add soft and wispy look to the end of your hair for more beautiful look.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively's Red Hair Color
Blake Lively Red Hair Color

Red hair color 2016 with bright and peachy orange style enhance the hairstyle’s beauty of Blake Lively, one of best gossip female celebrities. She has inspiring look with red lips and silver eye makeup. This orange red hair color is really bold and sexy for young girls who want to wear new hair color in this year. It has wheat blonde overtone with light ginger hair color. You can also add blonde highlights for more gorgeous and cute look and always flaunt them around your face to get brighter skin tone.

Riley Keough’s Red Hair Color

Riley Keough Red Hair Color
Riley Keough Red Hair Color

Riley Keough , America’s model and top singer looks remarkably beautiful with her dynamic red hairstyle. This shade of red hair color 2016 is extremely bold and cute, suits always on confident personalities. Copper red hair is mostly suitable for green eyes and on slightly dark skin tone. You can also add more impact on your hair if you keep your hairstyle more shining than usual routine.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan Red Hair Color
Rose McGowan Red Hair Color

She is also one of the best singers and actresses in America. She has wonderful orange and medium red hair color which suits on her personality too much. This hot and deep style ginger red hair color is eye-catching and suitable for fair skin tones ladies. You may get inspiring ideas of this beautiful hair color by Rose’s red locks. You should dye your brows to match the hair color with your red orange locks. Moreover, you should also consult with your hairstylist to get most perfect look of this hair color.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato feria's Red Hair Color
Demi Lovato feria Red Hair Color

She is American singer, actress and song-writer. Demi Lovato looks sensational with her cute and feria red hair color locks 2016. You should know that feria red hair color contains blue and violet undertones. It is suitable with different skin colors, which makes it most popular among all other red hair colors. So you can use this without any afraid and hesitation.

Rihanna’s Red Hair Locks

Rihanna's Red Hair Locks
Rihanna Red Hair Locks

Every one of us knows very well this top class beauty and singer. She also wears stunning red hair locks which inspire all young girls too much. Though, bright red hair is not for everyone but if you are a confident and want to use this hair color then it can also be a sensational for you.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande's Red Hair Color
Ariana Grande Red Hair Color

Ariana Grande also looks adorable and chic with deep plum red colored hair 2016 and with stylish ponytail. Plum red hair color is suitable for different skin colors like fair, medium and darker. If you have dark hair colors then plum is really red hair color for you to flatter on.

Emma Stone’s Red Hair

Emma Stone's Red Hair
Emma Stone Red Hair

Isla Fisher Red Locks

Isla Fisher's Red Hair Color
Isla Fisher Red Hair Color

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan's Red Long Hair
Lindsey Lohan Red Long Hair

Amy Adams

Amy Adams' Long Red Hairstyle
Amy Adams Long Red Hairstyle

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore's Sleek Red Hair Color
Julianne Moore Sleek Red Hair Color

Rachelle Lefevre

Rachelle Lefevre's with Red Hair Style
Rachelle Lefevre with Red Hair Style

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner's Red Hair Style
Sophie Turner Red Hair Style

Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross's Red Hair Color
Marcia Cross Red Hair Color

Lily Collins

Lily Collins' With Red Locks
Lily Collins With Red Locks

Katy Perry

Katy Perry's Shoulder Length Red Hair
Katy Perry Shoulder Length Red Hair

Nicole Kidman’s Red Hair Color

Nicole Kidman's Blonde Red Shade Hair Color
Nicole Kidman Blonde Red Shade Hair Color

We hope you will must like these celebrities with hottest red hairstyles 2016. Choose the best style according to your face shape,hair structure and also according to the opinion of your hairstylist. We assure you, red hair color is really a best and different hair color option in these days. Also share your valuable suggestion with us to so that we can serve you better than this.

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