Red Carpet Hairstyles 2014

Last Updated: July 22nd, 2015.

Every year during the red carpet season, styling and fashions becomes the main stray thing for every celebrity as the stars come out with the most charismatic and professional styling techniques in their makeup, dress and even hairstyles.

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As hairstyles are highly important for the overall look, the trends concerned with hairdos are the thing to look out for as celebrities prance along the red carpet with the best and captivating hairstyles we have ever seen. 2014 will be no different as stars will certainly employ their best and the most splendid hairstyles ever. A few of these superb and wonderful Red carpet hairstyles 2014 are part of our list.

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Twisted Bun with a Side Parting- Red carpet hairstyles 2014

The Twisted Bun with a Side Parting will be a top haircut in the Red carpet hairstyles 2014. The hairstyle brings class with a subtle element of simplicity that just leaves you in awe. The haircut is styled to have hair carefully parted on one side made in a way so as to form a spectacular twisted bun at the nape of the neck which can be made in number of fashions. The hairs are up done, and not stuck behind the back of the ears. Instead they go slight over the top of your ear to give a nice and breathtaking feel. Red carpet events in 2014 will see a lot of this pretty hairstyle.

Twisted Bun with a Side Parting
Twisted-Red carpet hairstyles 2014


Sleek Side Bun –Red carpet hairstyles 2014

From the hairstyles and haircuts which rely on sporting buns, this is a different twist to it. The hairstyle consists of a bun slightly off the center rather than being in the usual spot. This hairstyle has your hair ending after looping over the eyebrow on the other side. At the back, a ponytail is made in the middle and then twisted to form a bun.

Complete the hairstyle by the use of accessories and add-ons which may include something like a hair net to give an extra touch to your hair-do. The style was featured by Emma Stone last year and became an ultimate favorite for ladies. We will be seeing a lot of this one from the Red carpet hairstyles 2014 in 2014 red carpet events.

Red Carpet Sleek Side Bun hairstyles 2014
Sleek Side Bun Red carpet hairstyles 2014


Long and Soft Waves with Center Parting –Red carpet hairstyles 2014

This is really nice-looking, sensuous and beguiling hair style that maintains it simplicity among the Red carpet hairstyles 2014. The hairstyle is ideally for young people; however it can potentially work for any age group.

Long Waves with Center Parting 2014
Waves with a Center Parting-Red carpet hairstyles 2014


The style is made by creating a clearly defined center parting with curls to add to the mesmerizing appearance of this haircut. Twist and curl in an alternate fashion to give an informal sort of feel. Cool off the curls and then to break up the curls with the help of a comb or your hands and give a tousled look. This one will also be appearing in the red carpets a lot in 2014.

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