Older Women Hairstyles 2014 – Young look for Older Women with New hair

Last Updated: July 22nd, 2015.

Older Women Hairstyles 2014 are getting quickly popular among women of older ages, who wish to try newer styles that look better with their faces.

Whether you have any face type, select your type of hairstyle for your age group and look younger and smarter this coming year!

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Older Women Hairstyles 2014

Early and Mid-40s Older Women Hairstyles 2014

This is the period when you have just stepped in from the middle age. You still want to look young, but mature too at the same time. Older Women Hairstyles 2014 can still make you look younger, as if from yesterday.  Keeping in mind your hair length and color, you can choose from a wide range of options.

If you want to keep your hair short, there is a wide choice of bob cuts for you out there. Couple the bob cut with pixie or blunt bangs if you have a round face; or get straight bangs for a longer oval-shaped face. If, however, you still wish to keep your hair medium length or shoulder length, Older Women Hairstyles 2014lets you keep it. Just couple it up with some or no plain fringes on the front and you can continue to look younger this year!

over 30s Older Women Hairstyles 2014

Late 40s and Early 50s Older Women Hairstyles 2014

In Older Women Hairstyles 2014, bob cuts are still going popular among this age group. Bob cuts are easier to manage and hardly require any time dressing up. Keeping your routine in perspective, when it is hard to straighten and blow dry, keeping your hair short will work for you. Giving it a sharp edge or a round, blunt edge is up to you and your hair stylist.

older women over 40s hairstyles 2014image

Hair that is up to the shoulder looks best with lots of volumes. This age group also needs to dye their hair now and then, so it doesn’t hurt to try some other shades to see what looks good with your face. It is never too old to experiment with your hair, and age is absolutely no reason to not do it. However, the shades that are duller in nature are more popular with this age group. Women are going for sober shades like gray, black, dull brown and dark golden. Look younger with Older Women Hairstyles 2014 that let you cut off years from your age so you can still look gorgeous and beautiful.

Older Women Hairstyles 2014 With Older Women Hairstyles 2014 it is seen that women of late 30s and older are able to keep their hair short and straight simple. All older celebrities are going for this trend in 2014 and it is expected to continue. One of the secrets of the older celebs, still looking gorgeous and young is their hairstyle and the color they choose. If you are really sensible about your age, choose a good hair stylist and ask them to get you a good haircut that looks good with your face cut and age.

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