Top 10 New Hairstyles for Women 2014

Last Updated: August 24th, 2015.

New hairstyles for women 2014 are going to be the newest choices among girls for their hair in 2014. They make your hair look stylish and modern while giving you the confidence to shine. Choose from these hairstyles to pick the one that suits you best.

Bob Cuts 2014

These New hairstyles for women 2014 are very easy to handle in the morning for the women ho are busy and professional. They simply require 5 minutes to straighten or to blow dry. If you are a fan of keeping your hair shorter, try these bob cuts with a huge variety of different bangs like round bangs, sharp bangs or pixie bangs to give yourself the perfect look!

New Hairstyles for Women 2014 in bob cuts

Medium Length Layers 2014

New hairstyles for women 2014 also list Layers on Medium length hair as one of the top most choices among women for hairstyles. Layers can add more volume and a good shine to your hair. Curl or straighten them, the layers will look phenomenal on any occasion that you want to dress for.You can style up the layers by simply parting the hair in the mid and keeping it loosely open.

Medium Length Layers 2014
Medium Length New hairstyles for women 2014

Wavy Curls 2014

Wavy curls are also in as the famous choice of new hairstyles for women 2014. Celebs like Beyonce have been carrying their curly hair in a great way. If you have naturally curly hair too, use different hair products to add volume to your hair and make it look bouncy. Let the curls fall loosely to give you the perfect celebrity look that you want.

wavy curls New Hairstyles for Women 2014wavy curls New Hairstyles for Women 2014

Simply Straight New Hairstyles for women

If you have naturally straight hair, a great idea for you to make them dazzle is to get some bangs in the front and you are ready to roll. Whether it is an evening or dinner party, simply straighten your hair with extra hairspray and leave it open. This silky straight hairstyle looks great on plain black and brown hair, but it will also be great on golden or brown.

Simply Straight hairstyles 2014
Simply Straight New hairstyles for women 2014

Shoulder Length with Bangs 2014

These look great with medium shoulder length hair that is either straight or curly. Pair these New hairstyles for women 2014 with your evening dress to look glamorous and beautiful. Bangs are now turning popular among ladies for convenient hair styling. The elegant and gorgeous shoulder lengths with bangs can make you stand out among all the others for sure at any party or dinner.

Shoulder Length with Bangs 2014
Shoulder Length with Bangs New hairstyles for women 2014

Round Cuts 2014

Round cuts go great with longer and slimmer faces. They can also be coupled with some bangs.Round edges add additional volumes to your hair and give your face a a tidy and clean look. These is possible on medium lengths as well as short hairstyles 2014 lengths,if you want to chop off additional hair.. Black or golden hair looks great with rounded edges with bangs, and leaves you feeling amazing.

Round Cuts New hairstyles for women 2014

Simple Ponytails Hairstyles 2014

Organize your hair in one long ponytail when you are not in any mood to keep it open. However, it is important to keep the ponytail fresh and working for the entire day. New hairstyles for women 2014 can use this style for both cool and formal occasions, like for parties and dinners. Simply iron or curl the edges of the ponytails to add more volume and tone to your hair.

Simple Ponytails New hairstyles for women 2014

French Braid Hairstyles 2014

French Braids are quite easy to make if you learn them with practice. Don’t forget to use hairsprays and gels first to make the hair stay put and to make the braid last all day long.French meshes look extraordinary on all hair lengths and can likewise work with any hair color. You can also decorate the braid with flowers or pearls for weddings or other special occasions.

French Braid new hairstyles for women 2014

Braided Buns 2014

Braided buns in the new hairstyles for women 2014 look great on brides and bridesmaids for weddings. Braided buns can be made to look more beautiful by accessorizing them with different flowers or pearls. On the off chance that you need them to keep going for more hours, shower them with hairsprays and gels to make them sit tight.

Braided Buns new hairstyles for women 2014

Fish Tail Braids New Hairstyles for Women 2014

Fish Tail Braids new hairstyles for women 2014

Fish Tail braids look good with medium shoulder length hair that is smooth and straight.Do them up for weddings or for other special occasions and couple them up with a long extravagant dress or night outfit for any sunlight occasion.

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