Most Favorite Mens Hairstyles 2014

Last Updated: September 5th, 2015.

The time is long gone when men were not exactly supposed to do fashion or be even interested in it. These days, the styling sense of men has changed entirely with some highly modernized clothes, and hairstyles. Different kinds of attractive hairstyles for men are important for men too as they can change everything about their and hence attractive, cool and smart looking haircuts are essential for every man.

This is precisely the reason why stylists have been working tirelessly to bring some great new trends in hairstyling for men. Mens hairstyles 2014 will be bringing the handiest work be these men hairstylists and fashion experts.

mens hairstyles 2014

Quiff Mens Hairstyle

This Quiff hairstyle is a great and delightful new and haircuts featured in the Mens hairstyles 2014 list.This gives a quite retro, James Bond type of look. The haircut is styled in a way that the hair made with a slight lift in the front to make a perfect quiff. It is easy to style and requires very little time to style and cut.

The hair gives a natural look with this one. For texture you can use a comb but even just sliding your fingers through your hair will do the trick too. With this hair style being slightly unshaven to give a ruggedly handsome look is a great way to change your look.

Quiff mens hairstyles 2014

Short Crop with Shaved Sides

This is one of those hairstyles which will be the most popular one for athletes and sportsmen when it comes to Mens hairstyles 2014The haircut should have your hair cropped up to keep just a little of hair on top of your head with the sides entirely shaved or cropped to nothingness with the help of some clippers.

The crop on top of your head can be even made to give slightly spiked up hairstyle. This can be achieved by the application of a wide range of hair care stuff.

Short Crop with Shaved Sides mens hairstyles 2014

Slicked Back Locks with Side Parting Mens Hairstyle

Slicked Back Locks with a Parting on the Side is a hairstyle which will be bringing revamped look to mens haircuts 2014. Among the Mens hairstyles 2014 this will be ideal for executives, top notch business men and people going to some formal events and wish to add some in their hairstyles.

The hairstyle is clean having not a single hair out of place. To give some texture, the use of comb is preferred to give texture. To keep the hair in place and in their perfect style, you can use any of the available stuff for hair care but we recommend you to use gels as they will also give your hair some great shine.

Slicked back locks with Side parting mens hairstyles 2014

Mens hairstyles 2014 will bring a lot new to market to consider from. These hairstyles will be left with a freedom for modifying it using your own creativity. All you have to do is to pick your hairstyle for 2014.

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