Long Layered Haircuts

Last Updated: July 20th, 2015.

Long layered haircuts are popular among young girls as well as female celebrities. These celebrities have sported these haircuts with up dos, bridal haircuts and ponytails on red carpet.

There are numerous hairstyles that can be created from a basic long layered haircut. Using right tools and products enhance the texture of layered haircut. There are different types of long layered haircuts that are cut for different hair types. Let’s have a look at some of these layers that are cut at back, front and sides to get different hairstyles.

layered haircuts for women 2013
Long layered haircuts for women 2013

The layers at back are long or short depending on the overall length of haircut. These layers can be flipped out to a fuller look. Back layers are not suitable for thin straight hair because it make hair look thinner. When getting back layers, one must ask for bangs because they complement one another. On the other hand, front layers are great choice for thin hair. Long layered haircuts with front layers work for all types of hair texture. Hair stylist knows if your hair needs long or small layers on the front. In short, front layers prevent dull hair and draws attention to facial features.

As mentioned earlier, long layered haircuts can be styled differently. Chunky layers allow versatile styling. A hair stylist must give you chunky layered cut by taking large sections of hair and cutting them with a razor. These layers look different from other styles and give fun and playful hairstyles.

There are some long layered haircuts that add a lot of volume to thin hair. These layers are known as volumizing layers. A hair stylist cut these layers at base of the neck and underneath jaw line. This is how hairstyle gets volume and bouncy look. Straight hair holds volumizing layers in a batter ways compared to curly hair. These layers are styled with a blow dryer and large round brush to perfectly maintain the volume.

Women long layered haircuts 2013
Women long layered haircuts

Long layered haircuts when styled with loose waves show off enhanced texture. A curling iron of large barrel is used to create loose waves. After hair is curled, these curls are broken by gently combing the hair. Shine serum is rubbed to the curls and hair is misted with hairspray. Let the hairspray dry and you are ready to wear this gorgeous layered hairstyle.

Long layered haircuts also give casual hairstyles such as a messy ponytail. This hairstyle is another way to show off long layers. A deep side parting is made and top hair is teased and gathered at the back. Secure this gathered hair with an elastic band. The base of ponytail is teased and a section of hair is wrapped around the elastic band. Lock this hairstyle by fluffing the ponytail with hands and apply hairspray.

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