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Boys Hairstyles 2016 – Messy – Updos and Spiked Haircuts

Last Updated: November 18th, 2015.

Many boys hairstyles 2016 are in nowadays. Just like our women, men also want to make themselves cool looking, prominent and charming. In a search to give them a good look, our male and boys like to wear fashionable clothes and hot hairstyles. For an outdoor activity or party, our boys visit a hairstylist who can assist them in making their hair cool and charming.

In the past, hair-styling for boys and men was not exactly considered styling. Fashion for men and boys was limited and so was the clothing and eye-catching and smart hairstyles. But the world has changed significantly and so is the fashion sense of men. Now boys can choose differently styled hair dos and experiment with their hair almost as much as women do these days. The most popular among boys hairstyles 2016 are listed below. Make sure to give them a good look before you intend to go for your next haircut.

Messy Boys Hairstyle

Messy Boys Hairstyle 2016
Messy Boys Hairstyle 2016

Boys hairstyles 2016 with messy styling looks are very soft and attractive. These days, college going boys love a lot to wear messy hairstyles. Whether they want to attract and impress their female fellows or just a make-over, boys hairstyles for 2016 are what which guarantees the boys to be extensively charming.

The boys can make their hair still and updated for many weeks if they spray their hair. Using a spray onto a messy hairstyle ensures you that you are always ready to join any occasion at any moment. When pinned up in a proper way, messy haircuts ensure to give the men and boys a stunning look.

Emo Boys Hairstyle

Emo Boys Hairstyle 2016
Emo Boys Hairstyle 2016

Boys hairstyles for 2016 also contain a wide variety of emo boys haircuts. Emo haircuts are not only popular among women but also among the men these days. Emo styling can make sure to give your face a stunning and charming look. When the hair spread onto your face in emo styling, these ensure that you are someone attractive, charming and fashionable.

When the boys and men wake up in the morning, then after taking a bath, they get ready for their offices or institutions wearing up a nice dress. After that they brush up their hair and luckily if they have emo style, then they are ensured that they have some real to impress way for others. Boys hairstyles for 2016 have a lot of ideas and styling options for young boys. Guys always make sure that not only they can pin up their hair when they want to relax, but also can spray to get their hair stuck in one position.

Boys Hairstyles 2016 with Trendy Ideas

Latest Boys Hairstyles 2016
Boys Hairstyles 2016
Beautiful Hairstyles for Boys 2016
Beautiful Hairstyles for Boys
Boys Short Hairstyles 2016
Boys Short Hairstyles 2016

Boys hairstyles 2016 can also be featured out with waves. Boys always like to curl up or wave their hair as per the current trends. Boys always like to set their hair in such a way which makes them adopted for any activity. The various chemicals used to style boys haircuts are proved to be harmful. Especially those who use artificial chemicals in large and sufficient amount, have greater chances of being affected by these chemicals. Boys should always try to use such hair styling products in lesser and fewer amount so that they can be assured of having naturally beautiful looking hair. Boys hairstyles for 2016 can assure the men and boys of natural and strong hair with simple to follow haircut ideas.

Updos Boys Hairstyle

Updos Boys Hairstyle 2016
Updos Boys Hairstyle for 2016

Long updo hair can easily be shaped in lots of ways in order to make themselves prominent with one’s preferences. These hairstyles are always accompanied with a lot of curly hairstyles ideas and wavy looks. Boys hairstyles 2016 can also be twisted, straightened and bent in much more ways. Hair shaping is possible in many different ways if one has long hair. It offers a chance to try many boys hairstyles in this year.

Boys and men look extremely handsome and charming in decent hair dos. This hairstyle with an off center and rough looking side parting is one of those. Along with the parting, you should pull back your hair to give it a more majestic and handsome look. Complete the look with the application of hair gel.

This hairstyle fits on all kinds face shapes, which is quite appropriate for teenage girls. It gives strength, design and style to the physical appearance. Get your hair curled and then softly run your hands through your hair to gain those smooth, girly waves in your hair. It is possible to do it on with any nice dress. In all the boys’ hairstyles 2016, the look should always be awesome.

Faux Hawk or Fro Hawk Style

Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Boys 2016
Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Boys 2016

A few years back this was the most popular hairstyle when David Beckham started sporting it. Now, it is back and 2016 might be the year where it goes back into the list of best boys hairstyles in 2016Best for short hair, it gives a slight spiked up fanned look on top of your head, which gives an extremely cool aura.

Short Spiked Haircut

Short Spiked Haircut for Boys 2016
Short Spiked Haircut for Boys 2016

This is among the best boys hairstyles 2016 you could go for if you keep short to medium length hair. With the sides spiked towards the front and the top of the head spiked towards the middle together, this hairstyle gives you a potentially unique and highly appealing look in a crowd or a casual party.

Long Wavy Boys Hairstyle

Long Wavy Boys Hairstyle 2016
Long Wavy Boys Hairstyle 2016

Men and boys who keep long hair about ear to shoulder length look quite handsome and appealing. That is if their hair are properly styled and kept well maintained and cared for. The center or side parting keeps the hair out of your eyes, framing your face perfectly and giving it a clear look. The waves reaching about your shoulder give a pretty classy look too.

Topsy-Turvy Spiked Hairstyle

Topsy -Turvy Spiked Boys Hairstyle for 2016
Topsy -Turvy Spiked Boys Hairstyle for 2016

This hairstyle is quite unique among the boys hairstyle 2016. This style is best suited if your hair is not too thick and if you are already keeping them short. This one can make you look stylish and amazing. The spikes going in a topsy-turvy direction give a disheveled yet stylish look.

Smooth Side-Stepped Spiked Hairstyle

Smooth Side-Stepped Spiked Boys Hairstyle 2016
Smooth Side-Stepped Spiked Boys Hairstyle 2016

This hairstyle is quite in fashion these days as some of the most dashing celebrities and movies stars are keeping it. This style features smooth hair pulled to a side and slightly spiked.  Side stepped spikes are the new thing in the market. Keep a look out for all these amazing boys’ hairstyles 2016 for they will definitely be the next big thing in the upcoming year.

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