Kids Hairstyles 2014 – New Trends in the Kids hairstyles world

Last Updated: July 22nd, 2015.

The time is long gone when you would just crop up your boy’s hair in a crew cut or give your little girl a pony tail or short hair featuring a hair band. These days, kids are having haircuts which are both highly attractive and glorious to look. If you are still intending to give your kid a crew cut or a pony tail, you might want to some serious thinking as most of the kids on the block will be featuring some very elegant, trendy and cute haircuts.Kids hairstyles 2014 list will bring some dazzling new styles for you to choose for your kids.

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The Kids hairstyles 2014 for girls will be having some of the latest trends from the hair styling world for your little girls and boys.

Girls Kids Hairstyles 2014 Kids boys Hairstyles 2014

Curly Shag kids Hairstyles 2014

If your little girl has some curly locks, this could probably be among the best kids hairstyles 2014 for you to choose for her. This hairstyle has a outstanding trait if sporting short layers on the top of the head and some long ones on the side that will merge with the beautiful looking curls your girl naturally possess.This will be one popular hairstyles come 2014.

kids Curly Shag Cut for kids 2014source

Upswing Tendril Haircut

This is a unique one among Kids hairstyles 2014 will feature some delicate and long tendrils on both sides of the face till the jaw line which gives a classy and elegant look to the upswing and alternately done spikes on top of her head. This will give your little girl an aura of cuteness and coolness both.

 The Kids haircuts 2014 will also sport some new haircuts and some new style in the year 2014. Here we have for you a few styles to give you a gist of what is coming.

Upswing Tendril Haircut for kids 2014source

Mohawk boys kids hair 2014

This classic style is now very popular among kids too and will certainly be a part of Kids hairstyles 2014 list. If your kid likes to do things out of the box and would love to have something unique and stylish for a hair styles, take him to a barber, and ask the guy there to give him a Mohawk. Buy some hair gel to complete the look for your kid.

Mohawk boys kids hair 2014

Razor-like Spikes

If your boy keeps short hair, you can make it look stylish by giving him a haircut having spikes which give a razor like feel. Use a hair gel or another preferred product to make the spikes in alternate directions. This will give a generally disheveled and cool look to your boy’s hair. You can choose to have the sides of your kid’s head to be shaved or to make them extremely short by the use of some clippers.

Razor-like Spikes for boys kids 2014All these haircuts will be most popular among the kids hairstyles 2014 list. Imagine these new and trendy hairstyles for your kid and make sure to give your kid a fashionable hairdo the next time you take him to the barber for a haircut.

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