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Last Updated: July 7th, 2014.

There are multiple types Of Jennifer Aniston hairstyles like blond and layered , Wild wispy strands and wavy styles .I will discuss some of them here .

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Sweet blonde and layered

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles include different haircuts and many different hair colors as well. She is glamorous and beautiful and carries off all hair styles very well.

Sweet layered hairSweet blonde hairstyles

Amongst the most popular Aniston hairstyle is her center part and blow dried layers. This was her medium length hair style that was one of the reasons why layers became so popular and trendy. The length ends right at the shoulders and the layers have a nice face-framing cut. Also, the hair at the back is cut stylishly into many layers of different lengths.This one of the Jennifer Aniston hairstyles definitely suits the silky straight hair in lighter shades of blonde with shades of brown.

This is a nice sandy look where a blonde hue and touch adds attention in the hairstyle. In addition, Jennifer has had side swept bangs which add further dimension to the hair along with the center parted looking equally beautiful. In order to style the hair, you will need to damp your hair by using straightening products. Blow dry them well using a handy paddle brush. Bangs need to blow dried straight downwards.

Jennifer Aniston HairstylesSo, it will help in flat ironing them later. Use a straightener to smoother the hair to achieve a good definition in the hair and a sleek finish.

Wild wispy strands Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

The graceful actress’ Jennifer Aniston hairstyles  also include the wispy ends. The layers are cut such that they reach below the chin and then frame the face for a defined look. It is a suitable look for brunette hair color, however, it will look chic on other colors of hair too. The wispy ends are styled properly and look neat when they touch the shoulders in case of a medium length hairstyle.

For styling the hair, first detangle hair with the use of a comb and then part your hair symmetrically. Using straightening creams, hair should be damped and blow dried using your paddle brush. Smoothing the hair when drying simultaneously removes extra frizz. Then you can take a flat iron to smooth and straighten the hair at top taking it strand by strand. To get the wispy ends, you need to turn the iron outwards and give an outwards edge. Round face shape is ideal for this hairstyle and it suits medium length hair best too.

jennifer aniston wispy ends

Soft waves Jennifer Aniston Hair

Furthermore, Jennifer Aniston hairstyles have carried off the romantic waves hairdo with glamour and style. The whimsical texture suits healthy and soft hair, the likes of Aniston. You need to loosely curl the strands for a shoulder grazing appearance. For styling, first dampen your hair by using a smoothing cream. Then, apply a shine serum for a sleek and glittery look. Using a broad curling rod you can add wave-like curls to your shiny hair.

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jennifer aniston wavesjennifer aniston waves

So, the Jennifer Aniston hairstyles are chic and fashionable. They are trendy amongst the younger girls as well as the middle aged women because they look extremely glamorous.

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