Hot Hairstyles for 2014 – Wavy and Braided Haircuts

Last Updated: July 22nd, 2015.

For women, what’s the upcoming trend is in 2014? Hairstyles will be already a matter of grave and concern as they are the certain hints towards what will be modish and chic. The best way to feel all the warmth of upcoming season is to take a sneak peek at hot hairstyles for 2014 that are trendy and stylish. New season, new hair; from mermaid waves to poker straight, low ponies to up-do’s, you will know the style that is engraving this season.

2014 hair trends include so many gorgeous haircuts for the season. It is even hard to choose the best one but I will leave long and medium length hair and consider only best short hairstyles that will make you rock this season. For hot hairstyles for 2014, dive on in and take a look around.

Hot hairstyles for 2014Hot hairstyles for 2014

Wavy hot hairstyles for 2014

2014 hair trend i.e. most spotted on catwalk is wavy hairstyle. The main theme circles around natural soft waves with a bit of messy touch. So how can you get wavy hot hairstyles for 2014? Simply, create vintage with defined waves but for casual look you should definitely opt messy waves. Additionally, center parting is dominant too.

Wavy hot hairstyles for 2014

Short Hot hairstyles for 2014

Jennifer Lawrence had wiped out her long hair and appeared into short bob cut hairstyle and straightened the fringes on one side of her face. This style is positively taken and regarded as hot hairstyle for 2014. So if you are a fashionista, then you ought to get this hot look. Elaborating, short and medium short haircuts like edgy bob, pixie and short bob along with layers and fringes are hitting everywhere as it carves into a complete enticing hairstyle. Moreover, this stylish hairstyle are meant to boost confidence and for dramatic make-over.

Short Hot hairstyles for 2014

Slicked-back hot hairstyles for 2014

These hairstyles are nothing new but lately this style has been getting a lot of shine from Hollywood Divas and with no doubt is the hot hairstyles for 2014. This year grease was the word at Gucci and others which saw models down the catwalk with new wet look. So whether your hair is long or short, it doesn’t matter. Simply, comb hair back and apply hair gel for that smashing effect. And don’t forget to spritz on a little bit of hairspray at the end. Compiling it, this trend is both sleek and modish.

Slicked back hot hairstyles for 2014

Braided Hot hairstyles 2014

Braiding can turn into a very glamorous hairstyle worthy to adorn a pop-star. So why not mimic such ideas? Here, get a new look by experimenting your hair with braid crowns, tangled, twist, skinny, eccentric-milkmaid and symmetrical braids.

Braided hot hairstyles for 2014Generally speaking, braided hairstyles are getting messier and edgy this season as they are the hot hairstyle for 2014.Because, on one side they are traditional and on other give a fantastic look. That is why all the renowned people want to have their hair braided due to its new weave for this year.

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