Exceptional Curly Weave Hairstyles

Last Updated: July 29th, 2015.

Curly weave hairstyles are those hairstyles that incorporate curls that are normally achieved with a curling tool. Curls can also be achieved with a flat iron. In order to get curly weave hair, one must know the sort of curls that they require. The key to getting the hairstyle right is to ensure that the tracks have been inserted into the hair in the correct manner.

Now the choice of your implants depends on the curly weave hairstyles that you aim for. Bonded weaves get glued to the scalp of the hair and last around a month. Another weave that lasts around two months is the braided weave. The braided weave requires braiding and some sewing as well.  The last type of weave is the fusion weave. This lasts the longest since it has to be modified after three months. The natural haircuts and the weave are waxed together.

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Curly weave hairstylesCurly weave hairstyles

The Bonded Weave.

To achieve the curly weave hairstyles, firstly decide the type of curls that you require. Next wash your hair and blow dry. An easy way to apply the tracks is to make a hair part. Separate it from the rest of the hair by clipping it and tying the rest of the hair into a pony after it has been gelled. The gel will ensure that the hair is easy to manage. Wait for the hair to dry. You next want to take the track hair and measure it across. Then cut the track hair according to the measurement so that it fits snug into your hair.

bonded curly weave hairstyles.bonded curly weave hairstyles

Then take the track hair that you just cut and apply the hair glue along its base. Hold the track down onto the hair and press it until it provides a firm hold. You want to repeat the process until you have got to the stage where the hair is the portion that you want to leave out. Repeat for all tracks and unclip the hair that was left out and curl it according to the curls that you require. Use this curled portion to cover the tracks of the hair.

Braided Curly Weave Hairstyles.

Make a horizontal part at the nape of the neck and braid the parted section into a horizontal braid. This will create the track for the curly weave. Tuck the end of the braid with a bobby pin. Make all tracks by working towards the top of the head ensuring that they are thin. Leave a small amount of hair un-braided near the front hairline.

Braided weave curly hairstyles

Next comes the fun part, take the curly weave and ensure that it has no tangles. At the nape of the neck, lay the weft on top of the track. Cut the weave according to the length of the track.Take the curly weave hairstyles and apply some weave glue on it. Firmly glue the weave into place and repeat until all tracks have been covered. Hide the last weave by using the hair that was left un-braided at the front.

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