Curly Hairstyles 2014 – Best Curly Haircuts with Bob and Bangs

Curly hairs are difficult to handle and style. A lot of women born having natural curls hate their hair as the hair annoy them to the brink of tears when it comes to styling them. However, curly hairs are the thing to look for if styled properly.

Since they are already different looking from  the usual hair, curly hair naturally grab everyone’s attention and when given a perfect look, they will make one look absolutely alluring and beautiful. This is the reason why many women who do not possess those brilliant natural curls wish to curl their hair and style them to look stunning. Further are some of the styles you could opt for from among the curly hairstyles 2014.

Curly Hairstyles 2014 Curly Hairstyles 2014

curly hairstyles 2014: Curls with a Side Parting

This is probably a very decent looking hairstyle among the curly hairstyles 2014. It is ideal for long hair but can virtually go with any length. This style is difficult to attempt and manage with natural curls as they do not allow you the freedom to shape them whenever you want but with a bit of styling, this style is quite achievable and easy.

If you do not possess curls or waves naturally, it is recommended that you curl them in one inch long hair segments with the help of any appropriate or preferred tool. The style looks very pretty if done properly and can shape an entirely gorgeous overall look.

2014 Curls with a Side Parting
Curls with a Side Parting-curly hairstyles 2014

curly hairstyles 2014: Curly Bob

The bob is back again. This time it is in the curly hairstyles 2014. The versatility of the bob cut and its wide range of undergoing some nice modifications make it possible for the bob to even be in the top curly hairstyles. If you don’t want long haircuts or already have short hair, this hairstyle is the one you should go for.

The curly bob cut features your short hair-do made into elaborate and elegant looking curls. The curls can be tight ones or they could be made soft if you don’t naturally have curly hair. The parting is again dependent on your preferred choices. This lovely little hair-do is certainly one of the most fashionable ones around.

Curly Bob 2014
Curly Bob-curly hairstyles 2014

curly hairstyles 2014: Curls with Bangs

This is the ideal hairstyle to go for if you keep long hair and want to choose a curly hairstyle. Among the curly hairstyles 2014, this one is alluring and quite cute.

This hair style has the hallmark of having bangs on the forehead with the hair curled on both sides. Ideally, the bangs should be straightened using any appropriate tool. For an added touch you can even add curled extensions of a slightly bold and eccentric color like red or purple.

Curls with Bangs 2014
Curls with Bangs 2014


Curls with Bangs-curly hairstyles 2014

Curly hairstyles 2014 are in vogue these days and focus fashion and style with a sense of simplicity and decency. Along with all that, these are certainly the most stylish and beautiful hairstyles one can wish for.

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