Celebrity Hairstyles 2014 – Trendy Ideas

Last Updated: September 15th, 2015.

Celebrity hairstyles 2014 among the most popular ones are given below. Give them a look and decide which one would you like as your next hairstyle.

Miranda Kerr’s Curls with Side Parting

The hairstyle worn by Miranda Kerr will be quite popular among Celebrity hairstyles 2014 as it looks quite dazzling and glamorous. The hairstyle features a deep side part with all the hair swept over to the other direction.The curls are made outwards in a way that they fan outward from the jaw line.

Miranda Kerr Curls with Side Parting 2014
Celebrity hair styles 2014 -Miranda Kerr Curls with Side Parting

Anne Hathaway’s Edgy Crop

Anne Hathaway’s latest edgy crop with a rough looking and slightly disheveled side parting has become quite famous among the Celebrity hairstyles 2014 list. It is perfect for those wishing to keep a short hair cut and look stylish and elegant too.

Anne Hathaway's Edgy Crop Celebrity hairstyles 2014
Anne Hathaway’s Edgy Crop 2014 – Celebrity hair styles 2014

Celebrity hairstyles 2014: Claire Danes’ Faux Bob

This is another hairstyle made for those women who loves to have short hair cuts. Claire Danes clean faux bob with a side parting will certainly be among the top hairstyles in the Celebrity hairstyles 2014 list.

Claire Danes' Faux Bob 2014-Celebrity hairstyles 2014
Claire Danes’ Faux Bob 2014 : Celebrity hair styles 2014

Amber Le Bon’s Center Parted Long Hair Cut

This is an amazingly fantastic and decent looking hairstyle among the Celebrity hairstyles 2014 list. This hair cut is perfect for women who wish to keep long hair and look quite an attractive and super hot hair style.

Amber Le Bon’s hair cut is becoming a major popular hairstyle. The hairs are dyed in a light brown and blonde shade to give an even cooler vibe to the already glamorous hair cut.

Amber Le Bon's Center Parted Long Hair 2014
Amber Le Bon’s Center Parted Long Hair

Poppy Delevingne’s High Ponytail

Poppy Delevingne’s beautiful and elegant looking high pony tail is another one of those Celebrity hairstyles 2014 which will be highly popular and chosen one. This hairstyle attributes evenly cut hairs which are given a straight and incredible look. The hairs are pulled back entirely and made in a high pony tail. Additionally, the use of accessories like hair bands or bows or some stylish hair clips can add to the exceptional look of this hairstyle.

Poppy Delevingne's High Pony Tail 2014
Poppy Delevingne’s High Pony Tail – celebrity hair cuts 2014

Jessica Alba’s Straight Hair with Blunt Ends

This is absolutely cute haircut and can be worn be anyone and anywhere without any hesitation. This hairstyle’s hallmark is its amazing fashion and style along with being extremely decent with the hair flowing down. The hairs are cut in a way so as to give them sharp ends. This hairstyle is surely one of the best among the Celebrity hairstyles 2014.

Jessica Alba's Straight Hair with Blunt 2014
Jessica Alba’s Straight Hair with Blunt

Christina Hendricks’ Flicked Bob Cut

Christina Hendricks glowing red bob cut is a great short hairstyle which is stylish and glamorous. The style gives an aura of sophistication and complexity although it is a pretty simple hairstyle.

Christina Hendricks' Flicked Bob 2014
Christina Hendricks’ Flicked Bob- Celebrity hair styles 2014

The bob is fairly simple except that the ends are flicked away from the face to give a perfectly fantastic and cool look. This is one of the coolest hairstyles to look forward too among the Celebrity hairstyles 2014 list.

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