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Vintage Hairstyles

Last Updated: April 29th, 2016.

Famous hairstyles in past decades that women and men still wear because of their popularity, stylish look and attraction are called vintage hairstyles. Like modern hairstyles there were also a lot of variations in vintage hairstyles. Women and men used to wear them for gorgeous and feminine look.

Today’s stars and celebrities wear vintage hair-styles to get unique hairstyles’ look. We are sure that vintage hair styles will never go out of hairstyling industry because they are adorable and cute of all time. Celebs like Audrey Hepburn and Rachel McAdams are best examples if you want to see the beauty of vintage hair styles. Look at them, how beautifully they wore these hairstyles to obsess others.

Retro Braided Hairstyles – 50s, 60s and 70s Braided Haircuts

Retro Braided Hairstyles

Your wedding day is a ‘very special day’ for you, and you deserve to look the very best on this day. A spicy seamless interweaving of old and new forms the perfect blend and this is where retro braided hairstyles come in. With these vintage braided hairstyles you can revive the fashion of past and make it much more enticing by bestowing a contemporary feel upon them. Get these amazing styles constituted of intricate braids which were popular during 50s, 60s …

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Iconic Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair

Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair

The vintage hairstyles for long hair are usually the ones that are the most and easily found because back in 40’s and 50’s ladies preferred to have long hair and the styling sense that they had was just exquisite. The retro hairstyles are used in corporation with the new hairstyles and by adding the new twist to those styles but the truth is that thee hairstyles themselves are so modish and glam centered that they do not need any other spike …

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How to Do 1920s Hairstyles for Women

1920s Hairstyles for Women.

1920s hairstyles for women featured some great trends and very cool looking hairstyles from 1920s for women which might make comeback in current era for modern women and girls. Even in the early 1900s, hairstyling was top notch and women used 1920s Hairstyles for women. Appropriate and fantastic hairstyle is what makes an overall look of a person.Without giving a fashionable touch to the hair, women consider themselves as incomplete and extremely non fashionable. 1920s is considered to be a …

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How to Do Vintage Hairstyles for Women

Vintage Hairstyles for women

Vintage hairstyles have been quite popular in their times in terms of styling techniques and fashion sense. These hairstyles are once again, back in action as these days vintage hair styles have become quite popular again. Upcoming years vintage haircuts will become highly popular once again. However, these vintage hairstyles will come in with some new trends and some heavenly looking experiments along with them. Below are some popular vintage hair styles and some tips on how to attempt them …

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1950s Hairstyles for Long Hair – Best Long Haircuts for 50s

1950s hairstyles for long Hair

1950s hairstyles for long hair needed a lot of work by the women. If your hair tend to be straight, then the simplest and the quickest way to curl hair was to have the small curlers in the hair and then let them stay in the hair for some time or even at the night while sleeping. Women at that time could also opt to go to the hairdresser and get a proper and a permanent solution for curls. It …

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Fashionable 1970s Hairstyles for Women

1970s Women Hairstyles

1970s hairstyles for women were quite different; from long to short lengths and also incorporated flicks, layers, curls and bubble perms.Straight and long hairstyles is a commonly observed hairstyle throughout the times. The  shoulder- length hair by virtue of a feather cut; had been frequently paired with “wings” that  flicked away from the  sides  or perhaps with a fuller fringe. Let’s discuss some famous women hairstyles of that time. Ape Styles for 1970s Women Hairstyles A good early 1970s hairstyles …

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Graceful 1980s Hairstyles for Women

1980s Women Hairstyles

The 1980s hairstyles for Women were blunt and bold and looked trendy on all sorts of women. Even the most sophisticated women went after following this tradition of letting the hair “loose” and wavy. It was noted that this era was the “experimentation” era for the ladies as well as the men. Although the men had their crazy long hairstyles, the women were nowhere left behind. 1980s Perms Hairstyle All the women of that time went for a perm. They grew …

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Elegant 1980s Men Hairstyles

The men of 1980s also tried to experiment as much with their looks as the women. They tried all sorts of hairstyles and facial hairs to go along with their hair.They even went for coloring their hair and standing out.This decade was full of surprises in terms of 1980s men hairstyles. Men 80s Hairstyles full of Surprises The men of this decade came up with different and new looks that were called as “surprises” because of the impact they had …

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Popular 1970s Men Hairstyles Trends

1970 men hairstyles

Men have gotten more curious and attentive about their hairstyles now more than ever. They love to show off their nice and long hair in front of all the other men.In order to look and feel different, the men follow the 1970s men hairstyles. A lot of men  of men from singers to actors who have been outstanding in the 1970s era. These are inspirations for the young and middle aged men today. The 1970s men hairstyles looked “joyful” and felt …

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1960s Men Hairstyles – Haircuts of Cultural Decade

1960s Men Hairstyles

Hairstyles in 1960s Era This was a time of innovations and some extra ordinary changes in the field of fashion and entertainment. A lot of actors came in front to revolutionize the entertainment industry. As they became popular, their walk, talk, way of dressing and even the hairstyles were what adopted by the men of that era in a larger number. 1960s men hairstyles became every eye loving in a shorter time frame. In those days, the hairstyles were labeled …

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