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Last Updated: September 30th, 2015.

In the past, hairstyling for boys and men was not exactly considered styling. Fashion for men and boys was limited and so was the clothing and eye-catching and smart hairstyles. But the world has changed significantly and so is the fashion sense of men. Now boys can choose differently styled hair dos and experiment with their hair almost as much as women do these days. The most popular among boys hairstyles 2014 are listed below. Make sure to give them a good look before you intend to go for your next haircut.

List of Boys Hairstyles 2014

The Updo Hairstyle

Boys and men look extremely handsome and charming in decent hair dos. This hairstyle with an off center and rough looking side parting is one of those. Along with the parting, you should pull back your hair to give it a more majestic and handsome look. Complete the look with the application of hair gel.

 Updo Boys Hairstyles 2014

The Faux Hawk or Fro Hawk boys hairstyles 2014

A few years back this was the most popular hairstyle when David Beckham started sporting it. Now, it is back and 2014 might be the year where it goes back into the list of best boys hairstyles 2014. Best for short hair, it gives a slight spiked up fanned look on top of your head.which gives an extremely cool aura.

Boys Faux Hawk hairstyles 2014 Faux Hawk Boys hairstyles 2014

The Short Spiked Haircuts

This is among the best boys hairstyles 2014 you could go for if you keep short to medium length hair. With the sides spiked towards the front and the top of the head spiked towards the middle together, this hairstyle gives you a potentially unique and highly appealing look in a crowd or a casual party.

Short Spiked boys Hairstyles 2014

The long wavy boys hairstyles 2014

Men and boys who keep long hair about ear to shoulder length look quite handsome and appealing. That is if their hair are properly styled and kept well maintained and cared for. The center or side parting keeps the hair out of your eyes, framing your face perfectly and giving it a clear look. The waves reaching about your shoulder give a pretty classy look too.

boys long wavy hairstyles 2014

The topsy-turvy spiked hairstyle

This hair style is quite unique among the boys hairstyle 2014. The style is best suited if your hair is not too thick and if you are already keeping them short. This one can make you look stylish and amazing. The spikes going in a topsy-turvy direction give a disheveled yet stylish look.

Topsy turvy spiked boys hairstyle 2014

The Smooth Side-Stepped Spiked Hair styles

This hair style is quite in fashion these days as some of the most dashing celebrities and movies stars are keeping it. The style features smooth hair pulled to a side and slightly spiked.  Side stepped spikes are the new thing in the market.

Side-Stepped Spiked Hair styles 2014Keep a look out for all these amazing boys hairstyles 2014 for they will definitely be the next big thing in the upcoming year.

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