Popular Afro Hairstyles 2014 for African’s

Last Updated: July 22nd, 2015.

Afro Hairstyles 2014 contains great tips for women with naturally curly hair. Read about all these amazing creative ideas you can try with your afro hair and look trendy and smart. Now put your curly hair to good use by using these tips from Afro hairstyles 2014.

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Slick Combed-back Afro

These Afro hairstyles 2014 will help you control your frizzy messy curls into a nice combed back hairstyle that gives you a sleek look. Couple this hairstyle with your evening dress to look professional for parties and functions.

The Afro hairstyles were invented among African Americans who inherited curly hair from their ancestors. These hairstyles were later modified and shaped by other famous hairstylists into various forms that we now call the modern Afro hairstyles 2014. Not only people who have curly hair try these, some women with naturally hair, do experiments with their hair to try afro hairstyles with their hair.

Slick-Combed-back-Afro hairstyles 2014

Tiny Braided Afro Hairstyles 2014

Afro hairstyles 2014 also involve those tiny braided hairstyles that we see all our favorite African actresses wear. These involve a lot of hard work but look really creative and technical. Get them done with the help of a friend and make your hair look funky. They are a great idea for parties, dinners and other casual events.

Especially popular among teenagers and twenties people, this Afro hairstyle is bound to make you stand out. It’s a good idea for frizzy hair that is difficult to control. Flatten it out with the help of a hairspray and gel. You can also so your hair styling immediately after shower when the hair is wet. After you are done, wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt to let the water drain. This way the afro will expand nicely after it gets dry.

Braided Afro Hairstyles 2014 .Braided Afro Hairstyles 2014 .

Afro Puff Hairstyles 2014

These particular Afro hairstyles 2014 have been worn by famous celebs like Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey. On maintaining Afro Hair styles 2014, most hair stylists recommend you should shampoo your hair at least every 7 days. When you expose your hair to dryness, it loses life and energy and is more prone to breakage. Especially the hair of African-American should get additional moisture treatments to stand up to Afro hairstyles 2014 because it is naturally dry.

Puff Afro Hairstyles 2014.Puff Afro Hairstyles 2014.

Curly textured hair is more vulnerable to drying out and damaging because the bends in curled hair make it difficult for natural scalp oils to work their way down the hair shaft. Apart from that, chemicals, hair dyes and heat styling suck the natural hair moisture, making it very much prone to breakage and fragility. To avoid brittle hair, look for essential oil massages for your hair regularly.

Afro hairstyles 2014 are your best chance to add that bounce to your hair. Put some energy into your hair by trying different hair colors to see which one suit you best.


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