1960s hairstyles

1960s was a time of enormous changes and spectacular fashion. The women in those times had a concept of wearing heavy 1960s hairstyles and excessive make up.

They used to consider it a sign of beauty and charm. In those days, there were only a limited hair cut ideas—almost twenty 1960s haircuts marked the era.

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1960s hairstyles 1960s hairstyles

Simply ponytail with Beatles 1960s hair

 In 1960s hairstyles, wearing simple ponytails with Beatles and little curls was one of the amazing and most favorite ideas. This haircut was the sign of charm and beauty of the actress in those times. Also mopping and tying up one’s hair with fancy looking hair pins was considered to be a wonderful addition. After that the time of Kennedy’s came across. This lady left a long lasting effect with its charm and beauty. This lady was one of the most favorite mod cuts in 1960s hair styles.

1960s hairstyles with ponytail ponytail 1960s hairstyles

Anyhow the ponytail with Beatles was yet a favorite idea in those days. Many of the ladies used to wear this hairstyle due to the fact that it was easy to manage and gorgeous in look. It was something unique which benefited the ladies in getting a feel of princess.

 Diversity in 1960s hairstyles :

 In 1960s, the diversity in fashion and hair-styling became a forefront point. The women of that time were much more concerned about their beauty and hair care as compared to the ladies of previous eras. There were many features and trends introduced in 1960s hairstyles. Al though the hair-styling ideas were limited to only twenty to thirty but still the women liked to come up with something different for them.

1960s hairstyles

 The influences of working women, housewives, social ladies and high profile ladies were far much different and prominent as compared to the ladies of previous eras.

 Hair accessories and wigs in 1960s hair

In 1960s hairstyles a lot of different colored hair accessories were largely liked. These included fancy clips, hair pins, hair rings and others. These accessories were every eye loving and favorite of the young ladies in those days. Also the pins with flower or cartoon shapes with red, pink, black, orange, yellow, green, purple or various other colors were widely used. Not only this but also the ladies on those times used to wear different styling wigs. The various wigs used in those days were made up of artificial hair or plastic materials in such a wonderful way that they used to give a real appeal of stylish haircut to the ladies.

wigs in 1960s hair Hair accessories in 1960s

The different colored wigs of red, black, brown, golden and even multi colors were some of the gorgeous and amazing choices the women loved to go with. A wide range of wigs were available to charm the 1960s hairstyles.




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