Saturday , 19 April 2014

Black Short Hairstyles with Bangs

Black short hairstyles with bangs .

Black hair is a widely spread hair color and has gotten the recognition as being the dark and beautiful hair color. When we talk about it being the one that makes the person stand out in crowd, you would be surprised to know that it is the most loved hair color. To wear black short hairstyles with bangs right is the tricky part. However, black is the hardest hair color to carry and the easiest to maintain. Bangs add the life and oomph to the black short hairstyles. It gives ... Read More »

Side Swept Hairstyles 2014

Side swept hairstyles 2014

Side swept hairstyles 2014 are the most modish hairstyles that are very beautiful, they make you look poised and you will be able to wear these hairstyles at any event you wish to be at. They mostly work very well at the formal events but if worn funky way they can work out for the fun parties or hang outs with your friends. All you have to do is enjoy the best side swept hairstyles and stand out in the crowd. Bangs as Side Swept Hairstyles Bangs are the new ... Read More »

Side Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Hair

Side ponytail hairstyles for long hair.

Side ponytails have been considered as an outdated hairstyle these days but wait! They are the loved hairstyles that make you look super beautiful especially when you have to carry sophistication but with the modish look. Side ponytail styles are what you really want. Try the Side ponytail hairstyles for long hair and seem the chic person with the style and exquisiteness that you possess. Side ponytails are the hairstyles that have also been worn by many celebrities for instance Kim Kardashian has worn ponytail hairstyles a lot. It’s your ... Read More »

Black Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles

Black side swept bangs hairstyles .

Black side swept bangs hairstyles are the ones that you would love to have especially if you have the natural black hair. The bangs add up an edge to your beautiful hair. Black hair is dark, bold and beautiful but if not treated well or styled right they can look very weird. To add up the oomph to your black hair use the side swept bangs with your hairstyles and gets the hair that are really beautiful and pretty. Bangs can be worn with all hairstyles whether you have short, ... Read More »

Female Celebrity Hairstyles

Female celebrity hairstyles

Carey Mulligan Hairstyles Carey Mulligan if referred as the “lady with crop” won’t be wrong. She is the one who carries short pixie crops so well that we couldn’t find anyone else other than her. Lady has really taken crop hairstyle to a next level. With all the hairstyles that she incorporate, from retro to modern, from fishtail braids to waves, all has really being an example of the perfect hairstyle. When you’ve got it then flaunt it, this is how she goes. She has one of those female celebrity ... Read More »

Side Swept Hairstyles for Long Hair

Side Swept Hairstyles for Long Hair

Are you looking for hairstyles that make your long hair look beautiful and glamorous? Then you might want to give a try to the side swept hairstyles for long hair. These hairstyles are very simple but if worn right they bring out your personality as the sassiest one. You can have your hair side swept and get the brilliant look. This helps you give the composed look while keeping your look feminine and playful. Side swept hairstyles have been worn by many celebrities on the red carpets and even in ... Read More »

2014 Natural Black Hairstyles

2014 Natural Black Hairstyles

Natural black hair color really shows off who you are. In ancient time’s long, black hair were the most admired looks. In old movies when black long hair were transformed to braids they were called as the black snake slithering at the back of the lady and it was considered to be  a real beauty no doubt. Even now when you look at the old movies you will see the black locks falling down to the side of the fair lady’s beautiful façade and think as the most beautiful look ... Read More »

Carrie Underwood Hairstyles With Side Parted and Wavy Style

Carrie Underwood Hairstyles

Blonde bomb who is pretty, successful and known to be a very kind lady has caught up our attention for featuring her beautiful hairstyles for you. Carrie Underwood’s bouncy, shiny blonde hair is what makes her stand out the most. She has tried on almost all of the hairstyles and has proven herself to be trendsetter for the ladies around the globe with blonde hair. Wish of any hairstyle and you will find Carrie underwood would have worn it to model them for you. Must read also : Selena Gomez ... Read More »