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Shaved Hairstyles for women – Sexy and Sumptuous

Shaved Hairstyles for women.

This is the age of trends, jazz, edge and these shaved hairstyles for women will definitely enable you to live up to the spirit of this age. These hairstyles which incorporate shaved patches can complement all hair textures and lengths, medium, short or long. Complementing this hairstyle with some piercings and ethnic jewelry will equip you with the most exquisite and inviting punk/jazz/rock star look. If you are someone who doesn’t want to blend in with the crowd, if you ... Read More »

Natural and Effective Hair Growth Tips

Hair Growth Tips

Long hair has always been considered as a standard for feminist beauty. Even if you do not completely agree with this Cleopatrian scale of beauty, you still cannot help bestowing an appreciative glance upon long, healthy hair; blooming with health and vitality. Your hair is a clear reflection of your health, and consequently your hair growth is dependent upon a variety of factors such as your age, the food you eat, your living habits and your general health. So the ... Read More »

Cute and Adorable Black kids’ Hairstyles

Black kids Hairstyles

Black kids’ hairstyles typically comprise of tightly curled hair of every length and texture. Since, here it’s kids’ hairstyles that we are talking of; therefore there would be a splash of color owing to lots of ribbons, bows, headbands and beads. Black kid’s hairstyles are diverse, ranging in various styles and depending upon the kids’ ages. Some styles might be for a little younger kids, while some may be for a little older ones. Following is a versatile array of ... Read More »

Women Hairstyles – Captivating and Eye-Catching

Women Hairstyles

Each one of us wants to look beautiful and wants her interior beauty to be reflected by her exterior. This is where women hairstyles come in to play their fair share of role. A bad hair day is hated by all of us while a good hair day keeps our spirits elevated. This automatically signifies the importance which hairstyles hold for us. When we talk of women hairstyles, we ought to keep in mind that we are talking of an ... Read More »

Hair Revival with Natural Hair Products and Tips

Natural Hair Products and Tips

Hair care demands a lot. Each of us would have had those bad hair days where you just want to hide your face somewhere and vanish from the face of earth. At such times any hair care product is worth its weight in gold. However terrible consequences follow suit, due to the accumulation of excessive chemicals. Hair fall, loss of shine, brittle hairs etc. are just some of these. Nature is a great healer and therefore carries amazing remedies in ... Read More »

Emo Hairstyles and Haircuts – Perfect Emo looks

Emo Hairstyles and Haircuts.

Emo fashion has gained rampant popularity in both sexes. There is a great versatility in emo’s definition. Although there are some generalized rules for emo hairstyles and haircuts, but ultimately it depends upon you how far you want to take your emo looks. Teasing, razor trimming, dyeing and straightening are some aspects of emo hairstyles and haircuts. These hairstyles provide you with endless possibilities, yet the crux of an emo cut are chunky layers and blunt-cut or side swept bangs ... Read More »

Lovely Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces.

Heart shaped faces tend to be wider at the forehead and narrow towards the chin. Consequently, you end up with a stronger jaw and a pointy chin. Therefore the hairstyles for heart shaped faces ought to be such that they accentuate your eyes and cheekbones and draw attention away from your pointy chin. Side swept bangs, loose waves, shoulder length hair, blunt bangs with wispy layers at the front; soft layers framing the face etc. are some hairstyles for heart ... Read More »

Trendy and Edgy Shag Haircuts Styles

Shag Haircuts

This trendy hairstyle will make you look like a rock star from 80’s. The most incredible and funny thing about shags is that they happen to make you look like a ‘bedhead’; i.e. visually it appears to be merely a-get-up-and-go hairstyle but actually there is a lot more to shags that what meets the eye. A shaggy hairstyle typically comprises of chopped ends, lots of layers and lots of texture. Shag haircuts happen to be versatile and can work on ... Read More »